Where are the Atlas instant troops from apology gift?

I claimed the apology gift which contains Atlas instant troops. But I can’t find them in my Atlas inventory. Does that happen for you?


I never received any gift.

Probably same place double xp is hiding.


I didn’t get it either and those that did say to disappeared when they claimed it


4K is also pretty poor effort. It’s 5hrs wait time but game was down for about 16hrs.


I didn’t get any apology gift although half team did, but got left out onceagain😱

I got both but troops never showed, some people apparently only got one of the gifts and some didnt get either. Odd but then again not surprising


The same here - those 1k troops x4 are nowhere…


Someone in my team didn’t received either…

Bugged for me aswell

Claimed it but went to use and nothing there :frowning:

This is PG. Tomorrow they will need to send out an apology gift for the malfunctioning apology gift.

I opened my gifts and didn’t get anything what is going on

Didn’t get mine as well. @Arelyna

I didn’t get the instant troop summon as well. @Arelyna

Can anyone confirm that the other items were added to inventory?

The gold chests and egg tokens turned up, but no troop summons.

Any idea bout the timers that were in the same pack as the troops?

I wish I’d checked the number of timers before collecting the prize, but I didn’t. So I don’t know. Next time, screen shots everywhere!

My main received the gifts, but not my other account. (Sent in a ticket) and I couldn’t figure out a way to do the troop bonus.