Where are the chests?


Why am I getting speed ups and stuff and no chests during the event :-1:

Chests & tokens

User malfunction? I’m getting lots of chests. Maybe try deleting the game and reinstalling. If you’ve made a Pocket ID, which I’m assuming you have since you’re posting on this forum that’s tied to your pocket ID.


Same not getting chest


Made sure everything is up to date uninstalled and reinstalled and still only getting boosts


I am not getting the token bonus and I’m also not getting any chests.


Also went threw trouble shooting with devs and still no chest they did defund chest for every rubie drop I receive however it’s still not dropping chest


Same for me and my gf also dont have value packs rip


How do you contact devs


I usually use the message in a bottle method. Shockingly, you get the same quality response as you do from opening a ticket in game.


We just had a player up and quit for this reason! He tried communicating with devs got the run around so quit. Now we have 2 more complaining of the same thing. Is it a apple android thing? I’m getting chests I’m on apple.


I’m having the same issue on my iPhone opened a ticket and the best I got was delete and reinstall that didn’t do jack. Event sucks without chests


@PGJared are there any updates on this? I opened a support ticket and got told to check the bugs page frequently. Nearly 48 hours later and still no mention of this issue anywhere from PG. I’ve lost out on well over 1000 egg tokens now and who knows how many chests…the event is half over already.


Same its really frusterating with no comm from support/devs


I’ve lodged two support tickets now - receiving zero event chests and I’m not receiving the bonus egg tokens either. There are several of us on my team with this problem. One’s already quit over it. And I’ve had no response from pg at all so far - pretty poor. Considering this affects my sigil count and in turn, my ability to upgrade any seasonal dragon this really sucks. I’ve logged out and back in. Nothing’s working! Some sort of communication would be appreciated - I’d accept smoke signals at this point.


Ive been asked to reinstall at least 5 Times, doesnt work lol


I have this issue too. Not getting the token boost for egg missions. Hope I can get credit for egg tokens lost too. Been contacting support and getting some chests refunded.
But hitting xonn and destroying 24 monuments plus 24 monuments on full XP bases for my level (29) and I got 1 ruby drop. So 50 monuments minimum and 1 ruby drop. Typically it is about 1 drop every 8 monuments from my past experience.


Ive had absolutely zero chests this event
I only get 10 ruby rewards and 1 minute speed ups

I would almost buy rubies in the shop and buy gold chests
But their is only over priced packages
Their isnt even a $7 pack to buy

Super frustrated with this event
I managed to make 1.6k points and need 230 more points to get the 200 sigil reward
Which is impossible when i get zero chests and cant even buy rubies to open gold chests.


No chests for me either.
I sent in a ticket to support, no solution, they just want me to close the ticket and open a new one.
My forge is also giving sync errors for days now. Again no solution and too many issues on one ticket so cs wants me to close it down and send a new ticket.
Very very annoying to be treated this way by customer service.


Well, I guess support is going to wait until after the event to resolve these, or even respond to my latest ticket regarding not having the egg token boost during the event on the egg missions. I had to open gold chests to get the egg tokens that I missed from the egg missions to get to the next achievement since support is just ignoring me. I have gotten zero chest drops, only chests credited from ruby drops, which are much fewer than normal chest drops. But I had to close that case to open one for the egg tokens as support thinks they are not related so I have not gotten any chests the last 2 days or any credit for them. Any update @PGJared ?



Hey folks,

We took a look and during the event chests were dropping. We were able to confirm this on live servers on multiple accounts, including personal ones. Unfortunately there is no action that support can take at this time.