Where are the Dungeon Coins?

Dungeon quests finished at 10 am. Few hours later I can not find any trace of the 1000 or so coins I had.
Where are they? Where are you, my precious?

Oh no. How did you think they worked? You were supposed to spend them in the Dungeons shop. It has fled with the dungeons. :grimacing:

It can’t hurt to put in a support ticket, I suppose, asking them if you can still get the chests or egg tokens you would have gotten in exchange.

edit: Team Dungeons - Official Discussion Thread It’s possible they’ll still be usable if Dungeons comes back again, but I would not count on that, that’s by no means a guarantee. Dungeons has been different every time so far, and unpredictable. Try support. 1000 coins would have bought 50 gold chests or 37500 egg tokens, I think.


Gone, as you did not spend them.

Edit: worth a ticket like hen said, but don’t get your hopes up.

As we proceed with sunscorch, we slide into bug madness.

Contact support…