Where are the inner fires?

Inner fires should be able to be made in the forge! This sucks! And we need so many.


Hmm no I don’t think PG would ever consider being able to forge IF, think about it, if you could forge them then everyone would have hundreds if not thousands ( for big spenders obviously ), I do agree that there seems to a lack of them in chest drops, I have opened a hell of a lot of bronze and I have only had 2 IF I’m sure, other people are noticing it also on Facebook

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Well, it’s not fair this way either! Only those that spend mega bucks for multitudes of gold chests get enough to last through the event. Through treasure hunt, 1. In game, 2. Yippee, I can do one attack. I’m getting tons of speed ups like it’s fort event instead of pvp! Its just not right. Treasure hunt should stand for what it says! Lots of treasure. You should get many energy packs and inners to start the event! I refuse to buy gold chests for pvps. I spend enough on breeding, feeding and fort!


Unfortunately you’ll have to find a way to get used to it. Not a lot in this game works like you think it logically should…

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PVP events are often the best ones to open gold chests, largely because of what is available during them (and also what isn’t – rarely are fire or ice shards available in PVP events).


I have learned that for me it is best to hoard all chests (bronze - gold) and rubies and only open / use them during these pvp events.

I had 375 bronze, 33 gold and 13k odd rubies going into this event. The IF are there though I wouldn’t complain if there were more.

I’ve been getting about the same amount of IF and energy chests. I wish it were a 3:1 ratio of IF to energy chests, but that just means a few more attacks to get there and I have plenty of energy packs. I save up and open during the PVP events only for now. Until I start needing more elemental shards.


PG doesn’t understand that when you actually take care of your customers/players - they actually are more receptive and would prob spend more.

Case en point: 10 gold chests opened - 6/10 were timers. 1 energy. 3 others … 9/10 all useless to this event.

So, why should I buy chests - when the drops are like that? :thinking:

No, I’d buy left and right if the drops were better

But then again … it’s all about the $$ for pg.
Not player/customer based.

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Totally agree with you, if you don’t either save up chests or IF and energy crates you dont have that much luck with them, well for me personally and I simply can not afford the amount of money some players spend, I mean I spend between £30-60 every month so it’s not like I don’t spend, I don’t expect them to give us an easy way to get them but something better than the current method would be great

The inner fires are in Gold Chest. I opened 20 and got over 40. 2 20 drops in 1 10 chest opening. The 4 in another with energy.

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What you get is solely dependant on RNG. This means there is no gurantee you get inner fires when opening chests.

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IF is dropping at the usual rate, but it is still a numbers game. Any small sample (say, under 300) is likely to be unreliable. You might get the shaft, or you might get the jackpot. But over larger samples, the drops do not appear to have changed (yet).

Anyone on here complaining there aren’t enough inner fires, then saying they won’t buy golds during pvp they buy enough during breeding and fort has already answered their own question. Instead of wasting your rubies buying crap golds with 0% chance of dropping inners use your resources smarter. Not saying this to be offensive but I really don’t get the logic behind that at all. Why open chests when the inner and energy drop is replaced with pearls or ice turret frags, when you can open before these events and get inner and energy, and exactly the same crap as fortify and breed chests too boot. Stop buying gold chests outside of pvp. That being said there is an insane lack of inners out there as I buy on average 200 bucks worth of golds each event and never get more than 200 inners. That’s a joke. 200 inners gets you nowhere near top tier you should not have to spend 1000 bucks to score in an event.


Assuming you’re opening then 10 at a time, and you opened 170 golds, you should have gotten about 264 IF and about 169 energy packs. About. :man_shrugging:

Did you keep track? (Not that you should have to.)

Seems some events are better at handing out event specific boosts than others.

In my experience, Team Gauntlet is great for inner fires and Tug of war is great for energy packs.

I generally save my rubies for those two events.

Yeah. The PVP events do vary a bit. It seems when Runic of Sigil chests are around things are slightly different too… But again, since I have been treating those events differently, I have smaller sample sizes.

Team Gauntlet has historically been the event I open everything I have.

I know … line PGs pockets … you’ll get them eventually :+1:t2::+1:t2:

I does a megaatack and i got 3 bronce chests… No fire :wink:

I was originally talking about inner fires in bronze chests. I know there are inners in gold chests if you get a lucky 10 chest drop. You should not have to spend money every event, period. Breeding, feeding and fort are more important to me than these boring pvp games. I’m not asking for a gazillion IFs, there just need to be more added to bronze chests during pvp, for those who do not want to spend money on gold chests. I think I have gotten like 4 in bronze chests so far. I can understand the problem of the rich getting even more IFs and energy packs but those who are not so forunate to be able to spend mega bucks on a game, it should be more fun, because the pvps are so boring already. Reset should be way shorter too, like down to 6 hours. Idk, just seems unfair.

I open a lot of bronze and got 1 inner per 40 roughly and a shit load of epics 1 hour timers. As for gold I opened 40 and received 40 (2*20) on the first 10. What I sense, and you could confirm if you feel the same, is that in the first day of an event you get more event related goodies, and then it starts to give stuff for next event. Suggestion, maybe legendary on gold and epics on bronze should be only event related