Where are the pathways gone?

After 4.0 the roads are gone…

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No roads here on Android.

Nor on iOS.

That makes me quote something:

QA/QC is the combination of quality assurance, the process or set of processes used to measure and assure the quality of a product, and quality control, the process of ensuring products and services meet consumer expectations.

Quality assurance is process oriented and focuses on defect prevention, while quality control is product oriented and focuses on defect identification.[1]



It seems that if you want paths, you have to take purple doom

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I‘m blind…

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I have paths on Android now.

what are he dots for? I didn’t have them before?

The red dots (arrows when zoomed in) are the paths; they show where primarchs/poachers are moving.

How about the orange ones?

They seem to be with poachers. Do they move? I always thought they appeared

oh, sorry, my game is broken, so they look red to me. Poachers do move but slowly. I was also reading paths as the red arrow paths vs paths between territories, so my post was off topic :see_no_evil:

I learn something new everyday :slight_smile: I never Poachers they moved. I can see the red path for the primarchs and prims moving but the orange ones threw me off. Thanks for replying

Definitely not intended. We’re investigating the disappearance of roads now to see if it was something that appeared in our test environment but is appearing (or not, for that matter) differently in the live game.


Did a reinstall fix your issue? My mini has the same problem all pink in atlas.

Nope. I’ve had this since the release of Atlas :rofl:

The team has been working on this since this morning and aim to push a fix for it sometime today, barring all contingencies.

Roads are back.

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Yes but barely visable, need to enhance the shadow of them a lot more. Certain colors they are pretty much invisable still.@pgecho

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Yes I agree I can see the roads but barely in some areas. Also Thank you for the roads I can kinda see where I’m going now on Android :+1:

I always wondered what those lines mean.

Umm. This seems like something providing no benefit or balance mechanism that should be removed to keep the game less complex.

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