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Did you get an answer ? How do we feed back to PG directly rather than other players? These changes are ridiculous. They have set it up so that there is no longer a strategy for war. the bigger team wins every time. This means that wars will be declared on nothing but base strength and there is now no longer an incentive to be strategic or to hit higher in the league.

I can’t believe that they put out such an ill thought out and quite frankly, ridiculous set of changes to this game. What a shame our input wasn’t sought into these changes. Who in their right mind would think these changes are a positive move for the whole game? they benefit only a few teams and makes me wonder who it is that PG listens to as it doesn’t seem to be the whole player base.

If they tried to address the issue of the ‘one dragon team’ then they fell sadly short of the mark and just created a situation where the bigger teams will be targeting the smaller teams. It’s not even worth bothering to fight in wars unless you pick the weakest team in the league and it will suck to be the weakest team

I know that PG doesn’t give a hoot about me or my opinion … as I only buy elite/atlas elite and spend max $169 in an event but seriously … just when you think these people can’t get more negative towards joe dragon player … they ask us to hold their beer.

PG listen and listen well … not everyone is lucky enough to have the thousands of dollars a week that you seem to want from us … some of us just have to slog it out the hard way and quite frankly, turning this game into the game of haves and have nots is simply not the way to go about things in my opinion… I spend money to get nice things, but i’m not spending it if the only hope of getting ahead is to spend more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more


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Not so. This changes allow us to put Breeding and Fort into consideration for wars too, as we’ll think twice to build standard base.
Also, the said strategy of previous wars mostly is hitting with giant backup, not trying our best.

(Granted, in previous wars, I mostly hit higher, and assist my mates against target higher than my level)

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I personally think that the new changes to the war system are actually well thought out. I believe that it will help to accurately sort teams in to the leagues they should be in based on their team strength.

You mention teams picking on other teams that have weaker bases? There are two points I can see about this.

  1. You have a team that is stronger than the average of the other teams in the league. This team is sandbagging. If they war, they’re more likely to get shoved up to a league they belong in.
  2. You have a team with a bunch of weaker bases with potentially a small handful of players (or maybe even as few as 1 player) helping to hold the team in a higher league than they deserve to be in based on team power alone. They get declared on and get pushed down to a league that is more suited to it based on the average strength of bases on that team when compared with the average for a league. The addition of more flames mean you can’t just have a low level player quickly swap so a bigger player can take over the war run and crush the opposing team.

I think these changes will place more emphasis on the team as a whole rather than simply on the biggest player carrying the team.

Granted, we haven’t been using the new war system for very long yet (tonight would be the first time wars could be declared) so we should give it some time to see how the new system affects things before deciding to rant about how it never should have been messed with in the first place.

Wars were broken. Let’s be quite honest about that. This is PG’s attempt to rectify that situation. We should give it time to see how well this solution will fix the problem.


Tickets go to support. Support says “thanks for your feedback all we can do is pass it on”. Support are my best friends, but they’re not decision makers. I think it would be only fair for PG to respond to us, not leave it to their support staff or other players of the game.

Base design and breeding takes time. Even then we are hindered, as mistakes put you back in the game and can put you back months or years. It takes over a month to upgrade buildings one level, and while you can shorten it by slogging it out and collecting chests in events but it’s still an issue of time. I don’t see this as a justification for the changes that were made or the reasoning behind it.

Wars should be an issue of strategy, not of brute strength.

I recommend you reading the “Update Wars Official Discussion Thread” for others thoughts and making your feedback posts there.


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