Where are you all from?


Manhattan, KS. Otherwise known as the Little Apple :apple:


@Snowbrent why is known as the little apple? Just a curious Limey😁


Really? In Helsinki?


Because my city is named after the part of New York City known as Manhattan. New York City is also known as the Big Apple :grin::apple:


Austria —Vienna




Yep! I used to live in Töölö, off Runeberginkatu. I spent a lot of time walking around and visiting Kamppi.


i am from Austria aswell :+1:


I’m here in the hellscape of heat and boredom known as Arizona. :t_rex:


ASU grad here. I miss it… rain sucks.


Oh nice!!


I’d kill for some rain right now, I love stormy weather :sob: :t_rex:


But storms = no power = no war dragons / expensive war dragons playing (not to mention cold/hot, being miserable, etc…)
I’d kill for a break from the rain right now


South Carolina/paradise


Germany :de:


Lol true. Can’t live without wifi. I just love sitting out in the rain and the wind… haven’t had anything but sun in at least two months. Used to live in Cali so things were a little wilder there :stuck_out_tongue: Humidity kills… :t_rex:


I have to rebuild often :sob:


You speak Finnish? That’s so cool :open_mouth: One of my favorite songs is in Finnish and I’d love to be able to sing it one day. Just waiting for Duolingo to add Finnish… Jeopardy theme plays :t_rex:


:us: That’s it XD


r u from Baltimore