Where are you all from?


New York


Probably Canada


Im from Indonesian and i live in Jakarta


Careful posting where y’all from.


Australia. Aussies rule :grin:




I’m from planet Earth :laughing: that really narrows down my location :joy::rofl::joy:




Well i live in :kr:


Georgia :peach:



Somewhere else XD


I understand people not wanting to give away their location. Hell, even timezone I suppose could be a competitive advantage in some cases. I personally didn’t find a problem with narrowing my location down to a 6 thousand square mile area, among 4 million other random people.

Although planet Earth seems it is just a lazy troll?

I am however waiting to see what other planets have Internet connections and if so, does it have a higher latency than a connection to Asia or Antarctica. (I wish it were true we had a player in Antarctica)


points at self :point_left:


:thinking: You’re from yourself? Are you a planaria that got cut in half?

Edit: Or perhaps you billionated yourself bacteria-style? :scream:


Self-built AI from antarctica :eyes: but close.


Garden :smirk:


Born and raised in Austria, Graz but living in Portugal, Algarve for 20 years.


The land of OZ


and in canada…

will you see a moose on the loose