Where are you in the Research Hall? 🤓

I am here … and might be here through the end of the year since I only breed research eggs to close the gap to the closest prize tier. :upside_down_face:

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Will be here for a long time…

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You’re months ahead of me. Congrats! :clap::clap::clap:

Just 1 month :sweat_smile:.
Used to hoard research eggs when my breeding plan stuck.

Right here. Going for the construction bonus.

Edit: I can research that node. Gonna get on that, lmfao. :t_rex:

Forget the 12% XP, not worth going for vs the construction bonus up top combined with the tower buffs.

I just got started back up on Friday with research, going to do it naturally over the next few months to get construction bonus


poison duration is a pain to do research :joy:

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Yup. That’s why I’m going for the dragon stuff first. I don’t have ballistas and archers. :woman_shrugging:

My dragons are more important than my base. Even with the construction bonus, ain’t no way to progress with harbs without spending. :woman_facepalming:


I pick like mech and I dont have non-element attack tower
there should be a research that give teammates more than 5 supper shot each defend join

Even slightest amount of xp boost works on f2p I guess.
However, I intended to stop at the xp boost, and continue researching Construction Boost (if I ever get stuck in breeding event again, which won’t happen in months, or even one year…).
Our difference right now is probably just that 20 green eggs research :grin:

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I don’t think so.
However, there is a research which can restore some (3 perhaps) supershots by breaking shields.
Need someone to confirm whether this works for allies as well.

if not speed training in breed event, it would be good to do some research and get more point while have to backbreed a dragon

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True. However it’s not possible for me, as according to Red’s Icicle 4, soon I will be able to breed Anapa, Chompa, Iteru, Gorgonus (those are 500k egg tokens :persevere:). Plus Apophet in between, which costs 195k egg token. That’s almost one year breeding plan…

What is research hall again?

If you know me, my dragons are more important than my base as well.

That being said, 5% construction bonus (aka more timers) is far more important for the grind to level 300 for harbingers than a few more XP runs per dragon.

Not even joking.

I mean if you are at the very top end of players and maxing dragons out fast is critical, then get the XP bonus but until then it doesnt make tons of sense


Even then it doesn’t make sense - just buy some 200% XP potions. Now try to get the same amount in speeds - you’ll be broke before you know it. And 300+ is when you need speeds THE MOST.

My point is that if you are at the top of the spectrum you already have the construction boost :wink:

Did you have a grumpy birthday? :unamused:

Edit: let me move this to the right thread… :rofl:

The xp boost is nice but I’m really after the goodies on the other side of it. :upside_down_face: