Where can I get Game of Thrones episode recaps?


Not the vids but written comprehensive recaps. Thank you :grin:


The books? :upside_down_face:

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Liz said they went past the books. I think I found something though


Yeah, they did. You could just watch the recaps I suppose.

Doubt there are cliff notes (do they still exist?) like many used in high school


Try here, all things westeros😘

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This recap works for all episodes.

Someone died

Sometimes it’s lots of someones.


The books won’t give a recap of current episodes they didn’t follow the books exactly and there are two books still in progress that have been rumored to be released for around 4 years now but they still haven’t been. George has been very slow in releasing them. Still writing I suppose but there are many you tube channels devoted to GOT you might try there. Comic book girl 19 has some really good histories of all the great houses and is very entertaining as well


If you have some time, it’s also really good to learn more about the stories that haven’t been told in the show but are in the books, for added context about where the characters are now. There’s one in particular of note about a man named Bael the Bard



So complex :flushed::flushed::flushed:


I adore Lord Castleton on Pajiba
And Joanna Robinson all articles on vanity fair