Where can I get info and a timeline of these older divine drags


I have been curious about these drags, which I don’t get to use since they took away trials and the other variations.pleI have no memory at all of when I got them, eThe People’s Dragon. . Id love to know the date, the event, and portraits these were a part of :
kinnarrakku (birthed Ormarr I recall)


These are so old… The only thing I found with dates was on youtube… and all from 2016 May - July.
I couldn’t find anything else about them, and as I am a fairly new player myself, I have no personal record either.

I doubt anyone does, and the old forums are also gone, too… :pensive:


Grumble was just before sigurd who was before skarr
Think fenrok was before him if i remember correctly


You don’t want these dragons anymore :cry:

I have Yazi, Ormar…a few of the others. They’re worthless now.

Old divine dragons didn’t evolve. They were ok for their tiers…but keep in mind back then Gold was the highest tier available…so most of them were Orange, Green, and Blue!

You’re not missing out by not having them. Ormar was essentially turned into Ember…at least Ember evolves.


I want Dima :drooling_face:
Want, as watching them, either in den or over my weak base


Yazi is very old. i prefer the old style of divine dragons where getting divines didn’t mean p2w. Getting divines took hard work and having them meant you were an accomplished player.


Grumble: July 2016

Magmorr: May 2016

Rave Kinnara: April 2016

Fenrok: April 2016


Oh and Yazi was February 2016


These people have others like your old set, think Red had the largest collection. Most of those didn’t have portraits and were pre seasons so we got them during a single event by getting frags as event achievements.


Nope. We had to pay to get them…it was just different. Dragons were available for very limited windows…as opposed to a whole season. You would need to grind your butt of in the event…only to find out you were JUST short of unlocking the dragon you wanted :angry: Then after all that work you’d have no choice but to drop $200 in the last 5 minutes to unlock the dragon before the window closed.

To add insult to injury, you’d then be left with a useless dragon that you needed to instantly start grinding for XP to get them to a level where they were even worth half of what you put into getting them.

The new system is far better, even if its imperfect. You can absolutely get the discount dragon and all of its stone every season without spending a dime or grinding too much. You can absolutely manage your resources and season to unlock the mythic divine.

But I take your point. There certainly seemed to be more of an emphasis on gameplay, strategy, and coordinating with teammates in ye days of old.


To be honest I don’t really like seasons 🤷
I think the dragons are too powerful, too easy to obtain a full set over the course of a few seasons and have way too powerful of a roster.
There is less focus on lineage dragons, and I think that these fantastic dragons are something that should be added into each tower exclusively instead of evolving. I think it’s gone too far and 90% of players only every hit with divines unless they are in end tier


Seasons does give a way to have a set goal and be able to work for it. Event dragons was a serious grind each week just to end up 5 frags short. Also, keeps dragon count a bit lower as only 5-6 dragons in 12 weeks is half the amount of work they have to do.
If they didn’t make divines in there own class but only a slight advantage over lineage, ya heck even with only a slight advantage people will still prolly only fly divines. :man_shrugging:


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