Where did all my resources go?

As far as I know, my base hasnt been defeated.
I even have a 200% lumber buff running wich should have protected at least part of my wood.

Yet, I log into the game with 0 resources.
Cant even fly my dragons or join attacks.

did you send any resource before logging out?

And certainly not all of them.


Maybe your dragons got the midnight munchies. I hear chunk likes to snack at night.


Have you collected any resources from farms?
Storage and boosters will protect only those resources that you collected from farms
Otherwise you’ll get 0 at the end

Well, there are still a lot of seconds, which allow you to get more wood :grin:

If he spent all wood and logged off-all food,which will be produced,will stay on farms
And it won’t be protected by anything

But…if he can’t see reports,fly and etc-it looks,like a bad connection

I won’t be oversmart) Reinstall the game-it should be fixed
Don’t forget about creating pocketID *


You right, i thinks boost 200% useless if i not collect the wood from farms

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