Where do 90s go for glory? 📰

A teammate needs help. I’m oblivious. :woman_shrugging:

They can still use aligane, just hard to find a target

Find a similar-level player who they can hit to get good glory. There’s LINE and in-game group chats for glory swapping, but I’m not sure how to hook ya up with one, sorry. Not in any of them. :t_rex:

There’s no spot where he can just park his prim? :thinking:

I don’t think he’s that into the game to join a chat …

if you park at some place and yell in lc, someone would come?

Hmmm. Dunno then. Got any friends around that level in Atlas? :t_rex:

All the ones I have are dead.(in line)

I know people have been trying to get other areas to catch on like aligane and assign level range to castles or areas

Ok. I’ll pass that along but we’re in gold :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Not really …

There aren’t any in-game group chats for level 90s? Maybe he can ask to join that

Not that I know of, sorry. :t_rex:

Perhaps a lv 184 can help hunting :eyes:
Or just park it in random castle.
It will be cleaned under an hour, if there is someone online in the team.



He’s one of our lurkers. Tends to not talk and mostly do solo runs since join banners for him are rare.


Parking at OPP is kind of rude. I prefer he uses a nice approach in obtaining glory. :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

Considering that people get max glory at a castle they’ve owned… they might be happy that a L90 parks there :rofl:


Really? :thinking:

What would my guy get?

less than from optimal attacking, would be garbage glory - I do see L50-100s and such very rarely in Aligane


PM me I’ll hook your friend to a glory trade chat. :+1:

Thanks! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

He can do that, but broken glory scaling mechanics mean that he’ll probably get murdered by a player with sapphires who gets full glory for their glorious victory. :unamused:

He can also just go to other people’s castles and raid a level-appropriate target with impunity. The other team probably won’t be happy about it, and it’s considered rude, but the practical reason why most Atlas teams avoid such behaviors is that it invites retribution, i.e. by being attacked at your own castles or having said castles conquered. Since your team wears no crowns and holds no lands, the threat of retribution is rendered void and without consequence. What is dead may never die! :pirate_flag: