Where do we put our support ticket complaints?

I have just been told to open a ticket for the third time because "this help ticket has covered many different subjects over an extended period of time
Now lets get two things straight… for the current ticket that extended period of time is one day.
and the different subject are…
My gold is disappearing!
Oh wait that’s just one subject, but yeah, it’s disappearing in different ways, so maybe that’s how it’s got them all confused.

How can support not see that this is all linked and connected. It’s not worth opening a third ticket for the same issue!
First ticket I was told to say the issue had been solved and to open a new ticket. Well the issue wasn’t solved! So new ticket for the same issue and now I’m being told to open a third ticket!

@PGJared your support system is useless!
Ticket Number:(#1021614)

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pinging @Arelyna the weekend shift - Jared is still on vacation for another week or more.

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Oops, thanks lol

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