Where Have All the Old Eggs Gone?


What happens to eggs when you breed them?
2 points here

  • When breeding, if I already have all the red eggs required for a specific dragon, more shards are generated and the eggs go into the research dump, correct? But what happens to the leftovers when all the red research is complete?
  • If point 1, part 1 is correct, where are my blue eggs going since I’ve just started researching blue? I recently used 1700 eggs to try to breed a blue and during the process, several blue eggs refilled (at least 4 that I am sure of) and a whole lot of purples. However, when I went to do some research, I have only a single blue egg to research with.
    Where did the other blues go and what happened to all the purples?
    Shouldn’t they convert to food at the very least (just an afterthought)?


All the left over research eggs will be gone to the wasteland


Convert into food like a giant dragon-egg-omlette? That would be dragon cannibalism :frowning:

On a serious note:
The blue eggs flying around are just the fragments of the blue egg you’re breeding. Once they all add up to complete your first blue egg, you got yourself a new dragon.
When you create more blue eggs, they will become available in your builder hut and in your research hall. Watch out that you use them for your builder hut first so you can go on building. Once you don’t need anymore blue eggs or when you’re sure you have enough, you can use them on research.
Once you completed a color tier of research, there is no more use for those eggs.


You’re doing science-y experiments on them… IN THE NAME OF RESEARCH! So they’re actually all mutated and not-dragon-y anymore… meaning you can’t use them. Either that, or they blew up trying to get you an extra starting rage or more tower resist.


Spare eggs have other uses.

You need them to upgrade your builders hut.

Additionally, Phweemp uses spare eggs instead of food to level up (xp is still needed).


Once you are done researching a color the excess eggs are just dropped. As far as I know there is no longer a need for them. I don’t think they would ever reward you for them because strategically trying to find the best breeding path is part of the game. Never hurts to ask though. I would also suggest amoeba studios breeding app to help in this department.


I think what you were saying in the second part, @LairdDuncan, was that you went to breed a new dragon, and while breeding, several other eggs were filled. The ones that have previously hatched and should be stored for research hall and/or builders hut. And these eggs were dropped instead of showing up in the builders hut upgrade area or the research hall like they were supposed to, is this correct?


Yes, that is correct. I don’t see why red eggs or purple eggs cant still help out in other areas just because I’m breeding bigger, badder, brethren. I just don’t believe in waste. It frustrates me. This seems ill-thought through.


The first part of your post, I can see where you’re coming from. They could have it set up to trade 5 eggs of a lower color for 1 of the next color tier or something. Seems like that could be a possible fix.

As for the second part, it seems like a possible bug. I’m not sure how many other player have experienced it as well. Or if there is a bug/issues topic thread yet. Hopefully other will chime in if they catch it. I haven’t, or at least I haven’t noticed it yet. I will be sure to keep an eye on it not that you’ve mentioned it haha.


I understand what you mean, but throughout the game there is going to be something that’s not going to much use. It’s like many other games that as you progress you just don’t find things that you used initially to be useful anymore.
By the same stroke, aren’t some of the breeding-non-essential dragons just a waste as well? Sorry, but I just don’t see the means to justify giving use to the extra eggs.
It’s not that I don’t have any extra eggs, which I have plenty myself, but it is as life goes that there is a byproduct and waste.


@SlowFlight - In other games, however, at least the ones I have experienced, excess resources always had use: Trade, donate to guild/team members, sell, even auction.
I’ve seen games where eventually you no longer come accross resources that were plentiful at lower levels, but I’ve never seen a game where the excess resources, once you’ve “outgrown” them are just whisked out of your inventory into the æther.


Resource recycling may be true for some games, but I don’t find it true for all games. I don’t know about the removal of older resources from your inventory, but I’ve found that most games have you waste older resources if not sell for a forsaken-ly low value to a NPC. Since this game doesn’t have an NPC that does that, it seemed pretty natural to me that they’d just go to waste.
Albeit, I do think it’s a little sad to see all the eggs sit unused, it’s just a byproduct mechanic used as a sink.


A lazy mechanic.
Having other uses for eggs would, at the very least, add something to do while waiting around for energy to refill or eggs to hatch or buildings to complete.
An NPC is an excellent idea. No reason an Egg-handler could not set up shop on the main island. You could trade in unused eggs for building timers, energy refills, even fragments. A set number of eggs could produce an equivalent item. I guarantee the math is already in play.


That would be nice considering it would put use to the eggs and could incentivize more back-breeding. It would also make another reason to go for donivalis-dodo-dodopyrr. XD


Why bother for those unless you are a collector. I stopped at dodoppyyr simply because I want to save all the eggs for my emerald dragons


That doesn’t make sense since you have to do ALL the orange dragons before you can progress to the next color. Unless there’s something I’m missing. I admit to being new to the game, but So far, I have been unable to do the next color without completing the previous. I just was finally able to start orange this week.
But that is a different topic.


There’s something you are missing. You - do not - have to get all dragons of a previous tier before moving onto the next one. Go to the strategy section and look up breeding guides. I recommend Red’s.


Ok. I will do that.


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