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As a new free to play lvl 64 who is experiencing the beginning of the struggles… I feel for this game because of kick-ass dragons and towers that seamed incredible! I feel like people would spend a lot more if those two things were reasonable and accessable. I like the fact that the game is constantly growing and that in two years time there will be new dragons that will melt my face off. But the business side of things is taking what could be a perfect game and killing it. I wish that pg would Listen to so many of the suggestions that come in because people love this game and the community here. You have to win people’s trust and hearts before you win their wallets


To be honest with you guys, you are directing your effort in the wrong place. If you want to advance far in the game for less money, you need to look to getting max construction boosts and legendary gear as quickly as possible and not worry so much about your level or your current breeding dragon.

For example, my base I built out wide instead of short early on up to about level 250 until I realized my mistake. So my level 325 base now is not as strong as it could have been if I built shorter. But with my perch rider and my 2 elite + 3 legendary gear (same as 5 legendaries) I get now +71.9% ATTACK / + 52.1% HP which is huge… on my main kill island… then add on the +30/+30 boosts and now my 325 base with level 55 towers hit like level 60+ towers. So maybe you can’t spend 5000 hours of speedups for your base, but with riders and gear you can vastly improve it.

Same can be said for rider gear for dragons. Maybe you can’t level your harbinger or vanguard but you can get gear to make your lower level harbs hit like vanguard, especially since vanguard doesn’t bump up the attack specs as much as going from obsidian to harbinger… atlas gear has made it so that anyone can bump up their dragon 1 or maybe even 2 tiers higher…

So if I were you guys, I would focus first on maxing all your construction time boosts both in research and rider boosts. Then I would focus on getting max def/hp boost on your main kill island with legendary defensive gear. Then from there make 1 killer set of legendary offensive gear so you at least have 1 super deadly dragon.

If you do that, you’ll feel like you’re vanguard level with a killer base on a lower budget without spending millions in timers.


Why didn’t I think of that!?!
That’s brilliant!
Oh yeah, I forget I’m one of the majority that can’t focus on gear…

It is excellent advice for the minority however :grin:


You can focus on getting max construction discout through research for now at least. Looks like atlas will be opened up to a lot more people within a week or so. Patience is a virtue. If no patience, they take american express, visa and mastercard :slight_smile:




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Well, to be fair, 55s didn’t exist when I was 227.:man_shrugging:

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I hate den cap dragon lv, it’s make the game super unbalanced, my lv is 313 I have a Lokan cap at lv20, and it’s the strongest dragon I can have meanwhile out there people with as same as my lv 313 can build a max tower lv60 which design to deal with expert Harbinger dragons. So basically that den cap make me way behind I can’t even win a fly with someone same lv as me, to win I have to put money and up to lv 340 and more to max that harbinger dragon to be good enough for dealing with tower lv60. But at 340 I think people can build tower lv65 now, really PG? You’re just bad bad bad bad as balancing the game.


See there you go. Spending doesn’t make your base perfect. I was actually kind of depressed about my base when I was around lvl 250-300… Got solo’d frequently but when atlas came out I had a new calling lol. My level 325 base unboosted is only like 380 million defense now with rider and legendary gear it’s at 1.13 billion. Its like a honda civic souped up with a giant turbo putting out 1130 horsepower… puts lambos to shame, total sleeper lol. People come in with equestor thinking it’s an easy base and get demolished :slight_smile: Now my base takes down about 30% of attackers… I’m happy with that but looking to improve with more legendary gear and leveling it up and now focussing on building up a single island. I remember when I used to think “if only I have level 30 lightning towers” … I built 7 of them… now they are all in storage.

Anyhow… getting back to the topic… it would be much harder now for me to build a super defender base using only clocks but with riders and construction boosts it changes everything. Focus on that, not getting end of game dragons. Someone building with max construction boosts can technically catch up to or even outbuild someone who started out with a better building strategy and no construction boosts. Plus towers are constantly coming out and evolving… so don’t get depressed, be happy :slight_smile:


So what do you think will happen when the 4b jotun rocks up?


no base is unbeatable… i think if your base takes down 50% of attackers you’re doing ok… so I still have some room for improvement.


Lol mean.


Sshh, this is already heart breaking :joy:.