Where is Atlas?


Original message said either after league change yesterday, or today. Was hard to decipher. Today is nearly over and it’s not here. Can we get some sort of communication as to what we should expect?


Thought i saw somewhere world expands today but new teams join Friday. Can’t remember where though so might just be wrong


I thought it said by midnight after league change :thinking:


There was an in-game mail from 10/17. Here’s part of what it said, “Targeted for October 25th, all teams in Diamond I and Diamond II (after the league rebalancing happens around 12pm PT on Oct 24th) will have access to Atlas. Get out there and war this week to have an opportunity to access the Atlas beta!”

Can we get an update, please? @PGDave, @PGJared @Arelyna


Well with Atlas not loading for people who already had it before, I’d say it’s likely there could be a delay


I can understand delays and things not happening on time. What I can’t understand is how there is no communication about it. It takes 2 minutes to send a message saying “hey sorry there is a delay”. It comes down to a matter of respecting their customers imo.


Hopefully up and going by Friday! :flushed::flushed:



So what happend


Few things were not totally ready for the new teams today. Lots of work was needed to be done, which is why the 25th was just the target. Fortunately we are almost ready, so I expect tomorrow the new teams will be granted access and we will release a post with the details.

Thanks for all your patience!


How long after the target date of the new forums did we actually get the forums? That was an easier task to accomplish then adding atlas to everyone. I suspect we will have atlas around Christmas time and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was March or April of next year.


Thank you for the update.


I remember when people wanted it gone :joy:


Many still do :confused:


@pgEcho so today is nearly over. Can we please have an update?


Hopefully you can refer to the post I just made.



Today in PG’s land it is only about 2pm… so there is still a lot of time in their day


@PGecho even i can chuckle at this. It says I don’t have access :joy:


I can’t see that post don’t have access


@pgEcho Can’t see it! Maybe it’s just for old forum members that had access to beta forum?
Please unlock it or copy it here for all of us. Ty