Where is feeding?

It’s been a long time since last Feeding. My whole team has been holding their training. Instead, you launched the worst event ever: Tug of war.

Now I noticed next event is Fortification. What’s wrong with you PG?


Nothings wrong with them. You shouldn’t hold back your main Dragons. Not to mention you don’t have to get useless sigils at the end of the winter season, and you’ll be able to get spring sigils if/when it does rollout. Lastly, it makes zero sense to have feeding event right before a fort event (no level uncaps), or right before a breed event (no tier uncaps). As a rule, you should have 3 strongest dragons well fed so you can do well and contribute to wars and events, and your breeders breedable, other than that, just bank xp and then weight for the food scarcity event.


Not the right attitude little buddy

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Half the feeding events replaced a pvp event, meaning they will always have been right before either one of those…

Still hoping for feeding next week, as it’s the worst imaginable event to start a season on. Everyone wants to open gold chests to get the egg bonus early, but nobody wants to do that during feeding.

It’s been 8 weeks. It’s always longer than that between feeding historically. Calendars aren’t all that hard to read.

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Thank you for teaching me how to play (not requested). I got my main dragons well fed, I still got many others waiting for feeding.

Exactly. Now it’s gonna be 9 weeks. We were expecting to get more sigils this season.

On the times it replaced a pvp event, it’s also after both of those events (breed and fort.)
OP is upset feeding didn’t follow a pvp, to which my response was directed.

So do it?

Won’t get too many on Fortification. We were aiming for Feeding, since it’s been 8 weeks since the last one. That’s the whole point.

In June feeding followed Tug of War, so there is precedent for that happening.

Yep! But there was a ton of backlash following that one and they haven’t made that mistake since then.

Ah that I didn’t know, I wasn’t playing back then. That does make it much more unlikely it’ll happen again.

Oh well, I guess I’ll have to go without the egg bonus for the first week of spring then, no way I’m opening gold chests during feeding, I don’t get nearly enough of them as a non-spender anyway…

The good news is I might not need them at all, with the second week (feeding) having double egg tokens anyway I may have gotten all the sigils by then anyway. Just hoping the bonus dragon sucks because I won’t have any sigils for it during half price :grin:


I don’t think I remember there ever being more than one feeding in a season.

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Yep you might be right, that really sucks. Feeding and breeding should be merged.

I am pretty thankful Feeding isn’t next lol. I have to uncap den. I’ve been pacing my leveling so to only level two divines and breeding pairs as needed. With fort next, I’ll be able to prep for my first sapphire breeding session (I am lv100).


No. It would be a real pain having to not only scramble for food but also grind for xp.

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No need to remember if you can look it up:

Basically every 9 or 10 weeks, so it can happen twice in a season.

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I personally think the new season is going to start on a pvp, then breeding, then feeding because the second wave of harbs will likely be released that breeding, but that’s just my theory :man_shrugging:t3: If it is feeding though, it really isn’t too hard to get 450 prize with a few dragons and your Perches.


I would tend to say Feeding, Breeding, PvP…

We will just have to see

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