Where is my atlas seasonal team prize (timers)?

I’ve played most of last atlas season with old team(Westoros) then I switched to (CarnalForge) in last 2nd event (gear upgrading) and I had full practice in last event (training troops) “screenshot few hrs before last event ends”.

My contribution to the new team CF helped for getting that rate which gives all CF 50 players a prize (timers). I deserve this prize as one of those 50 players since I was eligible in last event. When you guys run a query to see which players belong to any team should be same players were eligible in last event (fair enough).

I didn’t receive that prize yet. I sent support ticket (#1601691) and they keep saying we can’t give you that prize because dev team run a query one day before you switch teams (that was way before atlas season ends). So it’s not my fault then. And the support suggest switching back to old team to get their atlas team prize (what a joke).

I have some questions need to be answered please:

1- Am i eligible for CF atlas seasonal prize? If not tell me the reason.

2- are you hunting those old players (ex CF’s player who left 2 events before season ends) to give them their old team atlas prize?

3- why don’t you guys ever say sorry we made a mistake and fix it?

4- Am I suppose to be a big spender to get my issue considered?

U swapped teams before prizes was givin out? That would be reason

I did switch 2 events before the season end. Prizes was giving after the end by 2 days (while primarch event)

That could be why i got screwed last fall season because of team closing

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No because you switched teams before the season was originally intended to end. Additionally, you would have had to be on the team at least a week to receive team prizes.

I don’t know to be honest.

We try to if we do. In this case, no mistake was made.

You don’t need to be. This was just a case of moving teams at the last minute and not being within the parameters necessary to receive the prize.


They probably do this to prevent folks from team jumping at the last minute to get timer prizes.
It’s a good move.


yeah, I think it’s unfair for those that stayed longer and then suddenly a player joined the team the last minute and received the same reward as them.


Yea it works out as said happened to me i lost 100 12 hours when i was scales before it fliped as did alot of others it happens u just look at next time

Appreciate your quick respond

1- Season origanily ends 4th or 5th April. Then season extend to end 8th cause server went down that time for a while. I joined before 4th I guess. Correct me if I’m wrong.

2- if you saying staying a week at least. That means if a team rate under 1000 worked hard that week and gets above rate 1000 won’t be able to claim 1000’s rate prize (doesn’t sound normal to me)

Who else would know?

Agree if it’s like how you describe it ( last mins )
BUT how about me had a whole event staying and my contribution was first on the team ( doesn’t look as a folk jumping at all )

Honestly I respect you a lot mech. And I appreciate all your hard work for the game. Please be fair

How about those lazy alt accounts with almost zero contribution at events receiving same prize team prize? Is it fair?

Well it’s not a matter of practicing more than who count on the team and who’s not.

Who played last event and was eligiable to contribute to his team deserve the team prize. (Fair enough)

That’s for the team leader to decide if those alt accounts will be kicked or used as a filler to the team to avoid being declared by the whole league especially on higher league.

Arelyna already says that you joined the team before the season ended so even if you did contribute for 1 event, you still have to stay at least for more than 1 week to be eligible.

If yours was given the go signal, I am sure a lot of other people will do the same by jumping to a team by the last minute and claim that they are part of the team to receive hundreds of days worth of speed ups. It will be exploited more than what you can imagine every season.

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You didn’t get my point. I’m talking about what’s fair and what’s not. As your are saying this matter is fair.

Then I agree jumping is a bad thing. But who’s joined 2 events before with whole practice in last event is not jumping.
Don’t take it personally just think logicaly.

I like these parameters. Thank you for the clarification and this system.


So this great system locked players in each team who are eligiable for the prizes. Why doesn’t this great system give the prize to the player I’ve replaced with? :face_with_monocle:

Also if I’m trying to jump for a prize I’d do that a week before to grant the prize. As well as all players could do that next seasons :rofl:

I was there for about 6 days before the end. And I did contribute to my new team and will stay even if I’m not getting the prize.

You had to be on the team at season end, and had been on the team for at least a week, to get prizes (or at least that’s my understanding).

What’s so hard or unfair about that?


:scream: One day late…

I wish the same system applied to event prizes too :face_with_monocle: But yes, I like the system.


Appreciate everyone for his time and replay.
I deserve the prize. But you afraid many players will complain too since there was a delay of ending the season. I understand and I got the point.

I play clean (no alts or dodgy stuff) and I wish the best for the game.

I hope you guys clarify this lock up system in each topic you post a prize to avoid letting players feelling disappointed like me now