Where is the creativity and/or variety?

WHen I attack, no matter what aspect of the game I’m in at the time, whether it’s regular game or Atlas it doesnt matter because every time I fly no matter what i have the 30% atk power and the 30% HP spell equipped on my dragons as I assume most everybody does .
I also keep my base boosted most of the time with the 30% tower Attack and the 30% tower HP boosts
so I literally use these boosts everyday and somedays it may be hundreds of each of them that are used on my attacks.
BUT I HAVE ROUGHLY 2,000 of each of these in my inventory right now. I am only level 250 I can only imagine how many a player 500+ has in their inventory. Now imagine how many if they were not used consistently on every attack.
It would be in the tens of thousands .

my forge right now offers 55 different items that can be forged or bought with rubies.


55 options that could be put in the treaeure hunt phase of events.
55 options to put in bronze ,silver or gold chests
55 options to mix up the event point prizes a little bit.

I dont recall ever using the evader spell that some lower tier dragons have. I know for a fact I’ve never equipped a dragon with it as an extra spelll as I went into battle; but i only have 6 of them in my inventory.
2000 of a spell I use on average 100 times a week.
6 of a spell I’ve never used.
That is just an example. (watch now in 6 months I’ll have 2000 evasion spells)

Can we please get a little creativity or variety in this area?

I’m not a programmer so idk at all but I cant imagine having an explosive shield or a death gaze spell pop up in bronze chests occasionally or pop up as a prize when you destroy a monutment would be that difficult to factor into the game.
Again those are just examples.

Some say Variety is the spice of life so come on PG live a little and spice it up a bit please

any 500+ level players care to say how many of those 30% boost spells they currently have in inventory?

16k+ for both ATK and HP.

Used evasion a lot before Krelos.

I have nearly 13k dragon attack and just over 11k dragon spells for what it’s worth.

Monuments do drop deathgaze, explosive shield, etc. every now and then too.

And, evasion is a handy speed boost in a game where the first to finish wins so you may need more as you progress in atlas

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lesser than a 1000 for me :joy: (lvl 300)

I could use some more reverse projectiles though


Are you kidding me? I still used evasion a lot in atlas and I always have had them forging


me too

and inners :joy: current amount, 10

Honestly I’d rather not have more things bloat chests but I would like these spells given out more. Whether that’s a separate boat/monument drop


Seems drops the issue :rofl:
Imagine that ……
Try adjusting drop by density for monuments and side drop from boats and bridges! Lol

The evasion and death gaze and shield were just random ones I picked as examples to show the huge difference in item quantities (Good to know to save my evasion for atlas though thanks for the tip). I don’t want to see chests and things bloated with a bunch of other things on top of what they are now I would just like an increase in the things we see rarely and a decrease in the things we get thousands of. A little more balance .
Not on top of but instead of.
If they are just fillers used so it’s not all IF’s, timers, and eggs than can we get a variety of things forgeable . Yes I know you get spells and even rubies occasionally but a little more often and variety would be nice.
I’d like to know what my best dragon could do with certain spells added, who knows may discover an awesome combo, but I’m not gonna waste all my forge spots experimenting and I’m not gonna spend 500 rubies on 10 spells. I would think getting a variety of things would increase interest in the game more than " wow great another 30% atk x 25 " prize
I challenge anyone to grind thier 30% atk &30%hp spells down to 0. :rofl::muscle:
I’m not trying to sound like I’m bitching I mean I really enjoy the game. Its just my thoughts on what to me seems like would be a fairly easy adjustment.

All I ever craft in my forge are 12hr timers. I am always starved for timers and don’t want to waste forging time on anything else

Only thing I forge are 48hr timers. I really wouldn’t want a bunch of stuff from the forge diluting chests but monument drops would be fine as long as it doesn’t change the drop rates for chests.


Check out the team points rewards in this breeding event see prizes 1,2,3,5,

And 7 see something similar in all of them? I mean c’mon.

More often than not I don’t use dragon boosts, especially on invader runs.


Please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t complain about having too many of insert whatever here. PG may see that and tinker with the drop amounts and, while you and I may not care because we have thousands of them, that new player that needs them won’t have any or very few, thus putting them at a disadvantage.

Not using boosts on Invader? Yeah right, Auto all the way, boosts included :sunglasses:

we can probably just get rid of all the 30% boosts altogether.

not like those boosts matter if each and every one of players uses them.

fewer variety with the reduction of useless ones from the chests, higher chances for the useful ones to drop.

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