Where is the line between "playing a war game" and bullying

I’m posting this here as a last resort after our team has relentlessly followed up with support, pg employees and god knows who else. I have a fair idea what to expect from the community after reading all the replies typically posted here to similar queries but consider me naive and hopeful that this time will be different.

We have a pirate team who have a beef with our leader for some reason I am not gonna get into here. Their solution to this is to relentlessly attack all our players in atlas at odd times. They don’t want to take over castles, neither to get to someone behind us, they just want to harass the team. They are higher than most of us in levels so our bigs can either sacrifice their rest, sleep and work to keep defending our gates or we keep depending on our allies against these folks. All our allies have been super-supportive but my gripe is with the responses we have had from support deck every time we have raised a query.

There are two typical responses: 1. We are investigating (I’ve been with the team for almost a year and this has been going on for longer) 2. Attacks are part of the game (We get this, trust me. We didn’t get where we are by holding hands and singing kumbaya but all of us have lives outside the game. There has be a point where relentless attacks from one side (team/5TA/whatever) crosses the boundary of “war game” into the realm of bullying. Or am I being too delusional?




I find the thing with bullies is that they feed off anger I would recommend dropping all comms with them eventually they won’t get the bully satisfaction and should find a new target.

If you have tried that then try have a lowbie level players taunter on your gates and remove other taunters.

If they are bigger in level this should restrict their glory to nil or close to it. A 600 wont want to hit a 100 with 30k troops for no glory.

Support the low player with plenty of gold and daily 200 troop transfers so they aren’t taking all the work.

Also have your big players have trappers on the gate and where possible have them trap the bullies as they land and then try to 3D your big player. Lots of successful defences should help reduce the chance they want to come back.

Failing that your leader might need to fix the issue. Maybe he can apologize and offer 1mm CG guards in pvp event to end the conflict.


What you’re saying makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, this person has not shown any inclination to reason so far. Their team is long-dead except for the couple of players who attack us. They have no inclination to make any progress. Apparently their only source of enjoyment is hitting us.

I wish I was exaggerating but most of us have probably come across folks like these who “just want to watch the world burn”. The only way these people will stop is if PG stops them and for some reason they won’t. Trying to understand what would quantify as “crossing the line” in their books.

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Find the couple castles they have so they can’t have gold primes. Then put your highest defense primes on your castles so when they hit with silver primes it hurts them more than it hurts you. Either they keep coming and give you good glory or they stop because they aren’t getting anything out of it


I’m the leader of this team and offering 1m guards lol they would laugh at that trust me this ain’t about the game it’s a personal thing and is really pathetic. It’s a husband and wife I’m sure u can guess the beef she has wit me lol :joy:. They ain’t playing the game to play their whole focus is my team. They have like 6 alts they run they have a ex husband also on the team and they all share those accounts and it’s relentless and so pathetic

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Pg has not long done mass banding and we lost a lot of great players but I don’t see why they can’t look at everything we have given all the evidence we have and ban 2 more accounts out of the thousands they banned it’s not asking much when they have all the proof they need

It’s pretty frustrating when that happens :frowning:

It can have a really negative effect on players in your team as well.

NMO in your alliance are very strong they might have some additional advice to help out.

But I think forcing them to hit your 333 players taunter will be a way to restrict glory for them.

If your gate has no other taunters on it and that taunter is loaded it means that is all they can hit and it should be nil glory or close to it.

Just support your 333 player with gold and get the team to donate 200 troops a day to him/her. Hopefully they get bored and go away.

Gold trappers vs silver prims as mentioned above should at least make the troop losses in your favour and also act to discourage hits.

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Yep full on drama :roll_eyes: it’s pathetic but she the only one causing it lol

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Not here to create drama or bitch about any team or way of playing.

From my perspective, just trying to understand if pg has a line in the sand for attacks or nothing of the sort and only explicit cheats and hacks count.


We gate for nmo they have there own stuff going on. How u no that anyway lol :joy:

They dont do anything about atlas or abuse in messages.

I had one guy send me very abusive messages daily and even reporting him had no effect He still plays today.

:open_mouth: wow

So does pg actually read these? :thinking:

Yes they do!
Amazingly they do….
Now what are they exactly prepared to do about it :man_shrugging:
Yes nothing because it’s being used to drive revenue….

Sadly this is the result of unbalanced engagement and open movement with no positional based mechanics!
Yes it’s completely avoidable! :+1:

This team really isn’t much of a threat… more of a nuisance. After her team disbanded, her whole life seems to be to try to get under our leaders skin. Individual not interested in getting good glory… just visits with low troops. Ignoring them does nothing as well, the individual just finds other ways to annoy us. Hitting neighbors or gates telling them our leader told her to hit them. They only recently obtained a castle within last couple months, which I’m sure is for the gold prims. Not sure taking their castle is worthwhile, we don’t want it, have to find someone to take it. I’m sure they could easily pick up another T2 access castle rather easily.

Overall, they just make us play a little more defensively instead of raiding as much as we like. Everyone has their play style, and I understand and support those who choose to be pirates. The game is meant to be enjoyable.


It was fun to read.

Do you know this game is only about attacking each other??
I’ve been attacked almost all the times by doa and also I’m attacking them all day long! But this is just for fun as the game is all about attacking enemies! I have many many best friends among enemies too!!

Stop posting something like this in future, change team if you’re not happy there, and if you’re not happy with the game at all, well, stop playing it

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Lol, I knew this was too good to last the way it was going. Like I said in my original post, this is not a protest against attacking or defending. We love attacking, defending, raids and everything else about the game.

But yea I get it, “this is a war game”. :raised_hands:


whoa wait there is a way to transfer troop to teammates?

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