Where is the ocean games or dragon war add on at?


3 Questions.

just got my old iPad back from relatives after almost 3 years and see my games still on here. I quit playing games got an AA, and now I can be a stoner gamer again !!! And it’s all legal now too. Times have changed but I’m excited to have a few months to relearn the game?

I’m social and funny but sometimes miss a day or two of the game if I go partying

Im overwhelmed by the UI and heard they made the event that we put dragons in a little boat and had that seperate Map. It was like ocean wars. Where the heck is the widget for this?

How can I find out when I made this account anyways. Just curious.

I’m looking for a talkative team that has fun flying, flying and flying. And is a
I Level 50 almost :muscle:t2:
Language: English.
Time Zone:Aloha Time currently 2 hours before California and the last state to say aloha ahiahi :sleeping:
Played time: I don’t like to think of how much time I spend gaming.
Age Range: I prefer old people.
Elite Account?: I almost have enough Ruby’s for a year, but I can get sooner
Dragon Roster Includes: Magmorr Sobek
Highest Lineage Dragon: Amorak Durga Numen


Sorry about the rough draft above but can’t seem to quickly edit formatting or content.

3rd question is regarding a team. Thanks.


The answer to your 2nd question is called Atlas. You need to find a team that has access to it, typically platinum and up, though some gold teams also have it.

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