Where is the thread complaining about the new frappin keyboard? 🤬

I hate absodoody hate the nee keyboard. I know theres a thread out there complaining about it already. Please point me towards it so i can do my complaning. Thank you. Ahh insert emoji !


Forum or ingame?

In game and while in the forum while in game. The new setup annoying. The “123” button and emoji button are swapped. :rage:

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Maybe its an apple thing.


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Perhaps (don’t have apple yet)
Seems that it’s different keyboard (style?), as mic’s button is different as well.

Portrait and landscape. The landscape used to be the same as portrait in-game.

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I definitely hate it as well. Both because the buttons are switched and because the keyboard is now smaller. I don’t need all that grey space, I need to be able to easily hit the right button every time.


I keep hitting the mic button instead of the DONE button. Super annoying

I hate the new keyboard too, the smaller size is a pain to deal with

Too small



i use my iPhone keyboard and don’t see any change from previous…

@Arelyna was the keyboard changed unintentionally with the last update , I keep typing weird things in team chat , this new keyboard layout is very frustrating . support said they cant change it but it is being worked on , can we have an update on this .

stop drinking :wink:

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I wish lol being drunk would really justify the weird things lol


The change to the keyboard is actually to be in line with Apple requirements as the iOS keyboard is an Apple controlled feature. As @Sam pointed out earlier in the thread, the same keyboard change can be seen in other apps which utilize the iOS keyboard.

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