Where is the Twitch portrait we hit 400

On another note how do I get my swag if they mentioned my question on the live feed?

Calm down Veruca. They clearly said the portrait would be sent out in a week or so.

The other stuff you have to PM Arelyna about


Have patience :sunglasses:

They just got delivered right now

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They just went out a teeny bit ago! If you were one of the winners from the stream, please PM me. :slight_smile:

Also adding here that if you are crashing when claiming it, check if you are on version 5.09

A friend of mine crashed and I noticed he’s on 5.08. Updated it and he got it without an issue.


This is super important to note!

Thank you for keeping us updated :sunglasses:

Is anyone working on a fix for the players who were unable to claim the summit 2019 portraits?

I had the option to claim the portrait, kept crashing - updated the game, option to claim the portrait is gone. Is this being looked into?

Same here as with @NinjaLynn

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