Where is xp boost from mines


Xp boost from mines not working? @pgEcho @PGDave


Top pic is a mine with 2% xp boost

Bottom is a base that gives me max xp from normal game


It looks like your home is in the Edales region in the safe zone. Did you attack the mine in your region by your home? If so, maybe we don’t currently award bonus XP for attacks on mines in the safe zone … would you mind trying to attack a mine outside the safe zone and see if the result is any different? In the meantime, I’ll work with the team to test my hypothesis that maybe bonus XP is awarded for safe zone mines.


After the new map update a few weeks ago the safe zone mines and poachers stopped giving any form of bonus xp… used to be 2% If your Home was safe zone. if your home was in a territory but you were out playing in the safe zone you will still claim the amount that was given to your home territory no matter where you hit.


We were apart of the recent addition … I’ll try to test it

Update: we can’t leave safe zone till Monday or when ever y’all open the pvp area


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