Where my Orange eggs?

( I pay for a montly Elite Account; that I’m now thinking of no longer purchasing or spending any more money on War Dragons )… Durning the last breeding event. I accumulated roughly 100 Orange Eggs. ( which I was able to Incubate a few new Dragons ). But when I go to use these Orange Eggs in the Hall of Research or to upgrade the Builder Hut. I have only one Orange Egg. On Feb 9th 2018 I breed roughly 6 Orange Eggs to try upgrade my Builder Hut again. And once more it says I only have one Orange Egg. I have yet to accumulate more than one Orange egg. Why is this? Is it going to be fixed? Am I going to be reimbursed those Orange Eggs I breed that didn’t accumulate?

You need to breed more… it’s the extra eggs that go to research and upgrading builders hut… write a ticket to support they should be able to help


Are you sure you are breeding the right colour eggs? Red and orange look similar.

Manually breed an orange dragon that you have already got. Instead of breeding a new orange dragon that you do not have yet. To get extra orange eggs that are not used for a new dragon.

A pic of the research you’re trying to do would help tremendously.

Are you sure you’re talking about 100’s of completed eggs and not just hundreds of fragments? most orange dragons require multiple fragments before the egg is completed. So just because auto breed is showing all these orange eggs popping up, that’s actually just orange fragments. The dragon bred for the first time doesn’t count for research or builder hut.


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