Where’s my regular chat?

When I reached level six the game asked me to join a team. When I joined one, my regular chat disappeared and team and league char were added. I wanted my regular chat back, so I left the team. My team chat disappeared, but the regular chat still wasn’t there. I want my regular chat back! Please help!

Once you gain “League Chat” you can never get Global Chat back again, sorry. Try finding a very active team in your Team Meeting Hall!

Welcome to war dragons!


Honestly, that was the first question I asked once I joined a team (I quit 1h after).

Wow that is sad. Will you please change this I want my friends back.

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I’d say, the best bet is inviting your friend to your league…
Should be team, instead of league

And how would I do that?

While you are at it, can you change some other things for us too?


You must beg the all powerful and almighty red to take pity on you and restore your global chat!

Jk, she’s just a player and forum mod, she doesn’t work at pg and if she could change something about the game, a few things would come in higher than global chat for new players.

Best bet is to mail your friends names and start a general chat


Send a PM to your friend, asking them to apply.
Give the name to your officers, asking them to invite your friend, and contact your friend.

I made a group chat. I hope that will work.


That works too

Except for the fact that a lot of my friends have numbers on their names that I haven’t payed attention to.

Hopefully as you add your friends they will remember the names of your other friends! Have fun making new ones too!

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So if u start a new account you would be back in Global Chat?

Yes that’s how all accounts start out. May be worth trying as well.

Just wondering. Since the league chat is grouped in rooms (depends on the league), I presume the Global Chat is grouped as well.

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