Where’s the Exotic branch

When will we see the exotic branch? What rune will it be?

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I’m sure when the time comes there will be a blog post about it. At least they confirmed there IS one coming.


Thanks. Since they confirmed it, @moderators please close the the topic.

Week 13

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I don’t see anything wrong with your comments. :wink:

Sure did. I’ve got to respond when someone makes a comment like that. You’ll be slapped around a few times before I ask the mod to close the post again


I’m so confused :rofl::rofl::rofl: I still don’t know what the excotic rune branch is. This is my first season playing the game​:upside_down_face:. But ima go spam on the topic of key donating because my lvl 400 friend said he would give me naja if he could.

It is a seasonal branch where you can get an exotic rune. Exotic runes are the most powerful and the rarest runes in the game. I do not believe that we have had any exotic runes for dragons yet, only ones that boost towers on bases.

If you look in the rune vault you’ll see the order of rarity for runes is this:


So far, the only way to get exotic runes is to purchase them with sigils when PG decides to make a seasonal branch available with an exotic rune as the final prize of the branch.

I am wondering if there will be a key for the Rune :thinking:

They did mention that at the start of the season, and it would make sense having it at the end of a 5k line. Wouldnt even be the cheapest or easiest key to get so I dont see why not. I’d just like for us to be able to trade all these extra keys in for something at the end of the season


They’ve never put keys. Don’t think they will this time either.

Lines never had multiple keys either before this season. The value per key dropped significantly this season. Before last season the exotic also never had chisels but they were still added in

The key would be great for me :grin:

Here is the description of that branch and rune from earlier season.

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I guess we can close this now @moderators thank you.