Where’s the portraits and prizes at? 🤔

ok where is the team gifts at. We went Christmas shopping crazy so as a team we would get the portraits and boost. But there was no presents under the tree from PG. is there a issue or something?

They said they won’t give them just after the event end it was mentioned in the official thread about the holiday gifting.
You will need to wait to at least next week to get the prices.


Yeah… it takes too long to give away portraits and more drops…

Sure :kissing_closed_eyes:

Not like these are imaginary pixels or anything. Yeah gotta wait for these awesome goods peeps🤪

I think from now on PG needs to take note of those whining about giveaway items not being sent out fast enough and block it from being sent to those people’s accounts.

It seems like they’re still probably on vacation until next week so chill out.


Honestly, it does take time to move all those bits around if you’re not storing and replicating them efficiently and don’t have great tools to manage the data. With PG sometimes we wish they took more time and got stuff righter on the first try. But they should have told us dates for these things instead of an indeterminate “after gifting ends.”

Anyway, baby Jesus didn’t get his gifts til Jan 6th in the traditions, possibly even much later. :baby: I’m sure there’s something we can derive from that.

Wasn’t whining asking a question that many of my teammates was asking. I was always told you don’t know the answer then ask the question. After all this is what this is here for right?

I agree. Just seems like if they going to offer something up. It should be ready to go. Lol. If I was going to sale a car. I wouldn’t sale it. Then say well you have to wait 3 weeks till I put a motor in it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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