Where the game is going

Take into consideration the fact that this is not our game to run. We may bellyache all we want, but at the end of the day, PG makes the final decision. They are not legally nor morally obligated to listen to us, although there are many times when they do. (The player factions are inclusive on both counts.)

Save for a season, easy to get a mythic if you plan your season well as free to play and ofc you would obviously need to score high in most pvp events

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I feel some part of what OP is talking about. No mythics are not that difficult to get…yes they are far more expensive than original seasonal mythics
I also agree with what @BigPappa said, this has been beaten to death in the forums and it will never be addressed.
Just to point out the biggest issue I see in the state of the game.

You are on a team with players level 10,100,275,450. Each player has 1 gold chest, and this is for the sake of my scenario. All 4 open their chest and get 3000 egg token.
A level 10 player this is massive and will get them many dragons over.
A level 100 player this will make a really nice dent in their next dragon.
A level 275 player finds this helpful.
A level 450 looks at it and says thats less than 1% of what I need.

PG drives the inflation up but does little to curb it. I would love PG to step up and actually provided prizes based on level, breeding tier, builder hut…something so that as players level and the costs of building and dragons increase they are not drowning which is what makes people feel mythics are hard to get or the game is to much of a grind.


Not everyone can be on a good team that gets 8/8


This is quite simply untrue unless the quality of the team you are on is suffering or the league is too low. I haven’t aimed for a mythic in lower leagues recently, so I can’t speak from my own experience, but mythics are easily attainable through minimal effort in the right team and league. No, it does not need to be diamond or mega spending to get that, it’s just playing your cards right. I am vocal about only paying for elite and can get mythics even if I have a busy season in real life. This past season I didn’t need to get any sigil chests to get Xul.

I’ve shared the strategy for how to get a mythic for free in the forums before.

I did notice this past PVP that my chest drops were not as good as I like them to be. This has been discussed at length in forums for years. This is mostly due to multiple new currencies being introduced for towers, etc. However, as others have noted, inflation does happen in real life. It’s not something that I particularly agree with, but it happens.

I don’t see how dropping prices of packages you choose to purchase would help anything. However, I do think that there could be a lot to gain from a combo main game and atlas elite offer.

I’m not going to pretend that I wouldn’t jump at the opportunity of a price jump for atlas elite, but it is not for you to decide that more people would purchase it multiple times for multiple accounts. They have cheaper options for atlas elite already that are available to people. Nothing is saying that they need to reduce the monthly price to make things more appealing for more people.

Again, this is speaking for others. Speaking personally, I would love the cheaper elite, but I made up my mind 5+ years ago that I would never spend more than elite and wouldn’t get packs. Them lowering the price would not affect that for me.

There is an issue as far as retention goes, but that has little to nothing to do with the status of elite or the number or keys to get a mythic.


Wheeew, okay there’s a lot of misconceptions I see in this post, let’s see, where do I begin…

Mythics were never 15 keys. At first, it was a system of having to do certain lines to get the mythic (and you had to spend sigils on the mythic line too, mind you), then PG upgraded to a key system, but at first you had to finish an entire line to get the key at the end of it THEN unlock a mythic for free - ofcourse this provided some flexibility but not quite enough, so they further upgraded to the current system of 6 keys per line (exception of mission boost with 1, orrery with 2 and festive lines with 3, but those are recent additions), and the price started at 18 keys, and inflated over time.

People already talked about this point, I won’t beat a dead horse.

This is wrong - gold chests aren’t junk. And overall, chests have predetermined sequences that you can really use to your advantage to optimise and get particularly what you want if you follow them. (I will admit I’ve been slacking and haven’t been getting gold sequences up, but I regularly do silvers, I’ve done platinums, and Zami does Draconics, I’ll try to get back into golds)

This is also wrong - if anything, prizes have actually gone up. Not by much, but they’ve gone up, take a look at the sheets in Zami’s vault to see the change in event prizes over time.

Aside from that, prizes in season lines have gone up over time too, and we’ve had great lines (looking at the electrum line and wave 2 dragon since Omiros specifically) introduced over time that have particularly good prizes to help people along their growth journey. Over time, we’ve also had tier based discounts, so I’d say it’s easier for smalls to grow quickly nowadays compared to before, but this is delving into different territory now.

That being said - is it enough? Nope, more efforts can be put in to help people catch up quicker.

Are packs worth it? Apart from elites (that some don’t even find worth in anymore), I’d say packs aren’t really worth anything unless you’re buying enough at a time to actually make a dent in anything.

I think the problem here is that when you were smaller, what you were getting actually felt like plenty and got you somewhere, but as you grow, that feeling disappears as the same effort/money isn’t getting you the same value you once had.

So yeah, packs can use an upgrade, but it’s unfair insinuating that PG hasn’t done much to address cost, because the status quo is still better than it used to be, regardless of there being more of a need for better catch up mechanics and addressing economy issues.

And as everyone else said, obtaining mythics is the one thing that’s easy in this game if you know what you’re doing - and it really doesn’t require money being spent once you have the ball rolling.


Allow for a “real” trading post - trade resources for other resources - While we appreciate this idea, this is not something we can commit time to right now. Mostly because we are unsure of how it will affect the economy, which needs a major overhaul anyway

Above is per pg the economy is in need of a MAJOR overhaul and that was almost a year ago!
From the Community poll requesting a trading post but we can’t have one because it needs a major overhaul and have we seen this major overhaul or any adjustments to drop in years!?
And so while yep it’s possible with activity to acquire a mythic the value of our activity is crap :man_shrugging:

Sorry player retention directly impacts our economy and our economy directly impacts player retention by value of activity!
The price of elite and packs are what they are due largely impart to dwindling play styles and the value of our activity falling to nothing :man_shrugging:

Retention has everything to do with the economy of our game because each player is a potential source of revenue :rofl:

This implies that the price of elites have increased. This is news to me, since I just paid for mine.

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The price of elite was set when the map was introduced based on a already busted and badly unbalanced economy!
I never said it has recently increased and yep our activity is no more valuable then than it is now and your taking a general statement and attempting to apply it to something directly to defend your position by generalizing what I said :rofl:

If the economy improves it will be due to rising retention and that is directly impacted by the value of our activity and the health of the economy which is in need of a major overhaul per pg :man_shrugging:

And the backbone of our economy is drop and it’s not been adjusted in years and I’d say that’s more so why the op is really complaining!

Should it take massive activity and multiple season planning to simply attempt to be competitive and acquire a divine or maybe that’s why retention is crap because it takes not only our time but paying money as well.
How does that support activity based and free to play playstyles?
Exactly it doesn’t lol
And I quote
“we do not support all play styles we support as many play styles as possible “
That perspective is the problem and the source of our economy issues :man_shrugging:

No, just trying to understand the logic you are applying. I mean, I still don’t but whatever lol

Exactly as they intended :rofl:

I pay for normal elite, but that’s about it. I don’t think that helps much when it comes to sigils. I’d personally like to see mythics be 25 keys, but then be something special. The problem with them being so common is that their abilities are also common.

I could go on about how the game is already dead with respect to new players, and that it has nothing to do with dragons, but there’s not much point. I think we agree at least that they are not difficult to obtain. Just need to finish both discount lines in the first 2 weeks. I already have 12 keys, and I consider myself f2p as elite doesn’t add much.

Gold chests aren’t junk, but I wouldn’t buy any chest with rubies other than super sigil. The golds will come. be patient. I have both discount lines done and over 500 golds unopened. This from a guy who is constantly being told on the forums that he’s not active enough.

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Only 500 you’re not active enough.

Edit: /s :slight_smile:


500 left :slight_smile: . I actually went in with under 1000. Opened some golds during fort and breed in desperation a few weeks ago. I’ll probably spend everything this season, just to see how far I can get. This old hamster is about ready to crawl off the wheel.

Well…I have never spent a cent on the game. I’ve made mythic every season recently except last season because I quit the game half way through (on account of crashing issues). Fast forward to now: I came back as soon as a mythic ice hunter was spoiled. Lol. And even though I quit half way through last season I’m on track for another free mythic this season.

It’s just a resource management thing

However, you make a good point on the Atlas elite thing. Overall I think pg would make more money if it was $15 or $10 a month, as more people would buy it more frequently. Heck, I would buy it every month. As it is, $20 a month is $240 a year which a lot of people don’t feel keen on spending (the people who spend $1k a week are currently laughing at that comment). Especially now that Atlas is being expanded to all of Plat, the majority of Atlas players are not going to be spending on Atlas elite every. Single. Month. Or ever for many.


YES! CERTAINLY! :green_heart:

I do! And that’s completely a choice! Like why not? IF YOU CAN! :green_heart:
But, I’m only on a dolphin capacity lolss, sometimes a minnow! Well it depends if I like the season or not! :green_heart:

THANKSS for highlighting & correcting!! This thread is really misleading! FACTS are really VERY IMPORTANT! :green_heart:


That was a lot of exclamation points. And green hearts. Which is an emoji I didn’t even know existed.


Lolss I LIKEE exaggerating my texts!! A LOT!! Like almost literally you hear me talking in person NEXT TO YOU! :green_heart: :joy:


Something is off with this math, with like 500 gold and max score in the 1st event you cant collect both discounts.
I am totally fine with buying regular elite, I find it as i ticket for a movie I would really like to watch