Where the game is going

Well…I have never spent a cent on the game. I’ve made mythic every season recently except last season because I quit the game half way through (on account of crashing issues). Fast forward to now: I came back as soon as a mythic ice hunter was spoiled. Lol. And even though I quit half way through last season I’m on track for another free mythic this season.

It’s just a resource management thing

However, you make a good point on the Atlas elite thing. Overall I think pg would make more money if it was $15 or $10 a month, as more people would buy it more frequently. Heck, I would buy it every month. As it is, $20 a month is $240 a year which a lot of people don’t feel keen on spending (the people who spend $1k a week are currently laughing at that comment). Especially now that Atlas is being expanded to all of Plat, the majority of Atlas players are not going to be spending on Atlas elite every. Single. Month. Or ever for many.


YES! CERTAINLY! :green_heart:

I do! And that’s completely a choice! Like why not? IF YOU CAN! :green_heart:
But, I’m only on a dolphin capacity lolss, sometimes a minnow! Well it depends if I like the season or not! :green_heart:

THANKSS for highlighting & correcting!! This thread is really misleading! FACTS are really VERY IMPORTANT! :green_heart:


That was a lot of exclamation points. And green hearts. Which is an emoji I didn’t even know existed.


Lolss I LIKEE exaggerating my texts!! A LOT!! Like almost literally you hear me talking in person NEXT TO YOU! :green_heart: :joy:


Something is off with this math, with like 500 gold and max score in the 1st event you cant collect both discounts.
I am totally fine with buying regular elite, I find it as i ticket for a movie I would really like to watch

just hit min and 5/5 quests whole team and you will be granted one

You can if you also open over 500 draconic. I never meant to imply I only had gold chests.

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Sorry but everything about your post is just wrong…. Seasonal mythics are not harder to get then the early ones were. It is actually much easier now to get and regularly get a mythic. There are many more ways to do well in events and get resources now then ever in the past. Sure from a sigil stand point it has gone way up but it is always WAY easier to get Sigils and chests and even timers. So in many ways PG did curb the inflation rate from that perspective.

As to your “biggest issue” comment again that is not an issue and is likely a good thing. The value of chests should be much more beneficial to the lower level players as they need as much help as they can get early on and even from PGs perspective that is good as it sucks people in. They should not adjust drops based on level because doing so would only further the divide between the bigs and the smalls. Let’s face it those who open the most chests in general are already the highest level players in the game. Doing what you are suggesting would only make those same players even bigger and further ahead of everyone else which would just encourage PG to expand their game even faster which will help no one but PG.


Deep breaths there old buddy…… lol
You got mike all worked up !:rofl:

Like me mikes an old battle scared veteran and a master of passive sarcasm and it’s application is an art as there is a time for it and a time for directness! Lol

That’s said mikes observation of our economy is completely accurate as
well as his evaluation of long term inflation In regards to growth and acquiring a divine!

Drop has not seen an adjustment in years and yep increasing the value or what’s called % of drop and scaling :point_left: it by level will definitely fuel further power creep!

Adjusting drop by density and bracketing :point_left: it by level will not impact power creep the same as scaling drop % would because it can be tuned and by using density and not percentage you avoid impacting the economy and you avoid fueling further power creep!

The results of bracketing drop density VS scaling drop by level as suggested by the Op!

Bracketing by density!

Low levels : Players see more bronze per monument so to really take advantage of this you would need activity! But over all you would see more bronze per attack!

Mid game : Players see almost the same increase in bronze but also a slight increase in silver chests as these players will need to be acquiring more runes as they grow!

Near end game : Players will see a slight decrease yes I said decrease in bronze drop! But not to worry these players will also see a slight improvement in silver and GOLD drops!

And really at end game a players activity should produce more chests he needs and density will allow pg to more accurately tune drop across levels and play styles!

And by using density it will require a increase in activity to take advantage of bracketing drop reducing its impact on spending!

Bracketing drop density by level allows us to avoid the power creep and negative impact created by scaling drop by level using only percentage of drop per monument destroyed which is far to volatile!

Pg has admitted the economy is in need of a major overhaul………:man_shrugging:

I suggest starting with our economic foundation which is drop :facepunch::+1:

I preferred my more hostile and abridged version… but sure we can go with your nice long winded version if you insist.

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100%, especially with disco branches and draconic chests.
Eventually, there is a tipping point where you just snowball, especially if you are on a team that achieves 8/8 each event, and you reach at least near the end of the prizes too.
Spend RSS to get RSS!

Pg has admitted the economy is in need of a major overhaul………

Lol no kidding, how many currencies do we have? and the orrery has a new one, that doesn’t work like electron bars :confused: I mean… 4 is the equivalent of 1500 or thereabouts?


Over 37…… I should probably update my list

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I agree that elite should be thought over, specially 2 different elites where one is almost useless (just the double eggs together with seasonal egg boost makes sense to me, imo). Atlas elite I don’t get why no discount when you buy a month (like with regular elite). And since it’s the game focus, why not allow 1 year purchase with adequate discount too?

Packs are funny, I would trade a big one for a week af atlas elite. Easy choice

Im F2p and i will get 2 mythic this season …. Just learn how to save ur chest and ruby for one full season (yes that season u wont score high and u probly wont get a mythic) hut after that, u will get ur mythic every season for free, and u will always finish each season with more stuff saved

-step one : save all ur gold chest and bronze and ruby for a whole season
-step 2: open everything during the first pvp of the season , u most save everything u will claim from season branch after u openned the stuff u saved from the previous season

-step 3: enjoy the free mythic every season

Ps: took me about 6-7 season to finnaly be able to claim 2 mythic doing this

Fully agree Mike, this is this alt’s first season and although I won’t get a mythic this season I’m totally convinced I’m gonna get one during fall season. And yeah I’m playing completely f2p, no elite or whatsoever. Just grind it all. And yes it has absolutely become a lot easier to get a mythic these last years.
Oh and this alt is only 6 weeks or so old and only level 84


I find it strange for a for-profit business they don’t offer better pack deals. They frankly seem apathetic about the money they could be making. :thinking:

Right now spenders will spend regardless and non-spenders clearly won’t spend.

If you made pack deals better-- spenders will still spend; and, people that currently don’t spend may be tempted to spend. (Depending on just how good the value is.)

Even if you make the argument that spenders may spend less, current non-spenders that may be tempted to spend, would then level off the discrepancy. And, let’s be real-- the way people can blow money on this game, you can’t tell me they wouldn’t be incentivized to spend more for better value if they’re already spending money with not so great value.

But, I mean there are so many creative ways to introduce more spending into this game… they just don’t seem to want to capitalize on it. Very odd…


The creation of atlas elite was pure genius IMO, I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing

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