Where to submit fanart?

I may sound like an idiot, but how would I submit fanart of any of the dragons and to what site? Also, how would someone be able to participate in a custom dragon contest, like the contest nydryr was made in?

@Alleviates can you link the museum for the OP please. I don’t remember the URL.

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You can also ping them on twitter or facebook, I suppose. @PGCrisis might know/be able to find out how artists were picked for Nydryr.


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Try there.


Thanks, @forScience! Feel free to tag @WarDragonsGame on Facebook or Twitter when featuring your art and we could share your content with the community! I’m always stunned by some of the beautiful Dragons art y’all create.

If there’s enough of a demand for it, we can also consider a Forums category for posting fan art / creations about and around War Dragons. It would be a pretty beautiful Forums category to stroll through! :dragon:


thanks for the advice! If I don’t have a Facebook or twitter, is Instagram also available? Also, how are the contenders chosen for the designing dragons contests? @PGCrisis

Hey @Callistorm! Instagram is totally cool, too. Be sure to tag @WarDragonsGame so we see it! :slight_smile:

To be honest, I’m not sure exactly how the dragons contests were run in the past, so I’d have to do some digging for you. This was a bit before my time so I’m not as familiar with these contests as much as I am with sharing awesome community creations on our social channels!

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I think a fan art/creations category would be awesome. People could post short stories as well as dragon themed artwork :blush:


thank you guys so much!! I’ll tag future pictures to #wardragons on there if you don’t mind it. @PGCrisis @LizDrakemoor

U could make a thread in the off topic category specially for fan art. I don’t think posting pet pictures should be its only purpose lol


true, true @Drexion

I have a website on wardragons.info specifically for this.


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@Curtis820 yeah I know this is just a little showcase for forums

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