Where to use magical egg fragments?

Not in Obsidian yet but the price & % with Legendary and Mythics look relatively close to Garnet & Emerald so I would think Obsidian should be about the same as them on when to use frags.

I’ve just been thinking where is it best to use frags on regular Legendary dragons or on the Mythics?

Sapphire really stands out because unlike some of the other tiers the Mythics are only around 70-75k more tokens but double the frags…
If you just used frags it would cost 1,000! Compared to completing 1,000 frags with tokens that would be around 250k tokens and the Mythics are only around 195-200k token…Sapphire seems like a no brainer if you want to get the best value for you tokens & frags you’d definitely not want to use any magical frags on Sapphire Mythics! In the full amount that would be basically like wasting 50 to 55 thousand tokens!
That’s almost enough to get halfway on a sapphire Legendary.

Garnet & Emerald looks like they have fixed the problem that was in sapphire…The price is still very close to the same 220K to 231k Mythics with Garnet and Emerald and 143,500 with a Legendary only about 77 to 88k more tokens and Frags exactly the same with Legendary and Mythics 700 and 1100 for Mythics…
So now instead of double the amount it takes like in sapphire it’s slightly over half just around 60-65%
But still about a 77-88k difference in tokens.

The use of frags isn’t nearly as bad as it is with Sapphire in fact looks like it would be a little better to use frags on Mythics in Garnet and Emerald compared to tokens.

The numbers are not right on I was just thinking out loud and was wandering which would be best to use frags? I know it reds guides she has the where the best to use but did notice it looked more just like a place to check where not to use them rather then where is the best to use them…

Compared to using just tokens or just frags it’s definitely not good to use Frags at all with Sapphire Mythics ever and the difference in Garnet and Emerald doesn’t seem to be near as bad it could go either way but looks like you’d get a slightly better bang for you
Frags if they just went to Garnet & Emerald Mythics.
And like I said earlier I think this would be in play with Obsidian too.

So when using frags would it not be best to use only
On sapphire Legendaries and Garnet, Emerald And Obsidian Mythics?
Has anyone really broke down the % to see where is the best use and how many tokens you can save by where you use your magical frags? Definitely would be interesting to see I don’t have the time to do so and my adhd honestly wouldn’t let me :joy:

Yes, check @TheRedDelilah breeding guides.

Or check out https://www.wdgeeks.info/breeding for a chart which has the information done for you already :slight_smile:

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You beat me to it :joy:

That’s exactly what I was looking for :+1: Never knew about that site…
Basically it’s all about the same you get close to what you get out of tokens except for Sapphire Mythics. That’s about what I was thinking, Makes sense!


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It’s a new site!

Something else to keep in mind is sometimes there are better options to use tokens/frags depending if you will get extra eggs or not. I outline all these on my breeding paths


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