Where's all the Inner Fires at?

Anyone getting IF from chest ? I have open over ten gold and not a single IF! Not even a cheeky one in all my bronze I’ve opened as well !

I would buy them but nothing in the store has any at all


There is another post about this already please use the search function. Others are having this issue but all I can say is that this isn’t true for me

Where is this other thread ? The one I can see is from a while ago

“Over ten gold chests” doesn‘t seem like a big enough sample. It‘s like rolling a dice twice and complaining that non of your rolls was a six.

I‘ve opened plenty of chests this event and got countless IFs so I can assure you they are there.

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There are several old and several recent talking about this but I guess I’m having better luck. I agree that while 10 gold uses valuable rubies and it would be nice to get IF and energy but it is a small sample like MareZ said. Hopefully if you open thirty or more your luck will be better?


60 gold chest, 400-450 bronze chests (and also including the handful from the event rewards thus far) got me 76 IF. That seems pretty low to me. Is it?

According to my IF chest drops I posted in the Gold Chest Droprate thread I got an average of 13 IF per 10 chests in another Tug of War event so after 60 gold chests you should end up with around 78 IF plus your drops from Bronze Chests.
So you might have been a little unlucky with IFs, but I hope you got more energy packs, tokens, timers and sigils instead :slight_smile:

Got barely any sigils but got plenty of black pearls. High drops of egg tokens and energy packs and average for timers. But, that’s not as bad off regarding IF as I thought I was (based on your numbers). Thanks for the info!

I opened 7 gold chests (from PG apology gift) and 4 of them i got epic 20x IFs :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: but i want sigils instead :joy::joy::joy:

All I’m gonna say is that this game is cover for PG developing an sentient AI that can read your thoughts. You heard it here first!

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lol cheeky yes that seens low to me… inner fires i think are one of the rare materials in the game and unless your dropping thousands of $, then pg wont do much for u.

its so hard to get inners even if u open many chests, but if u opened the amount u said and got that many, i would be upset at the game

Sorry but that‘s just not true.
I‘ve used most of my saved rubies on gold chests during this event and also opened all my saved gold chests from season lines and event prizes. I‘m now sitting on 1.2k IFs and 600 energy packs. I don‘t even know if I‘ll find the time to burn through all of this before I get even more from chests :man_shrugging:t3:
(Bought one pack this season to get Neptus, zero packs last year so not really a spender)

I once suggested PG allow people to suggest what they want to see in chests, then give the % chance of that “wish list” to appear slightly more often. It was lost in the shuffle.

Might end up in a mess because:

  • Players have different needs
  • Players don‘t know what they wish for (see the big Rune Dust Shortage this season)

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