Where's my new Dragon, Coatl

After the ‘New Content Available’ update available I lost my Coatl and unable to open a ticket to address the issue so I’m posting here

Already a very busy thread about this

Yea saw that thanks for the heads up

He said “I am done with this” and bailed with alot of the players who already jumped ship.

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what did they do now. i am missing besides Coatl, Lokan,Opes, and Rajin

Did you check to see if they were eggs again? Some people said new harbs were rolled back to eggs

Thanks i will check
Thanks they are there minus the levels and xp

Hi all,

Thank you for bringing these reports to us. We’ll be continuing the conversation in this thread for those interested! Gonna close this down since it’s a duplicate. Please report any information you have on the linked thread. :slight_smile: