Where's the dragon demo video? and where was the Twitch stream?

We are now almost finished the first event on the new season

So I was just wondering @PGGalileo what happened to the live stream on twitch that showboats the seasonal dragons flying?

Showing of the animation and spells for each of the new dragons. This has to be the first time this has happened that we get squat diddily. Also what has happened to the demo clips for the dragons available in the season selection menu?

Clicked on demo video link and get a 6 second animation saying coming soon.

How soon is soon? Mid season soon or end of season soon. Soon is not a real answer.

All I have to say is what a crappy way of starting a season.

Sorely dissapointed with PG.

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CF has posted plenty of flying clips in different places, which is probably a better demo than PG flown dragons - I urge you to check those out.


Taco’s done some streams, and is live now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxKgxPkICy0

But it is weird that there’s still no in-game spotlight vids. Starting to doubt the coming soon message.


Why should we wait for CF to release videos? When PG should be the ones to highlight their dragons.

I’ve always looked forward to the new release dragons twitch stream, as they where flown by novices and would fail to attack bases. With a maxed out dragon. It was easier to find the flaws in a dragon.

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There is no shortage of videos for all of the seasons dragons. If you can’t find the info you need to make a decision on which dragon to get, I don’t know what to tell you.

They gave the spotlight vids to the CF when they previewed things last Saturday. It looks like they just never got posted to the WD Youtube channel which is what is used in the game preview


Well if you’re waiting for PG’s dragons highlight then you’re not really waiting for nothing… Those videos are usually really helpful.

Also as mentioned before CF is posting a lot of videos of the dragons so dunno why you’re complaining if you don’t want to search for the infos by yourself


@skippysaurus I’ll post some links of my channel where you can see flight videos with the new dragons:
https://youtu.be/w1Y5CzTFIdo Calavore with defenses
https://youtu.be/MawWBjEvpys Calavore without defenses
https://youtu.be/KkhTjdz7SI4 Luzok
https://youtu.be/nVFwNFaxAQY various attempts with sepulla
https://youtu.be/gCm7-v62Muc luzok with defenses in atlas


We often talk about how few people even come to the forum – tons of people don’t know about or engage with the creator’s faction stuff. That’s probably more true now when it’s been a long time since they’ve publicized a stream in game. The game tells you nothing but the name and color of the dragons’ spells in game. It is janky as heck to still have “Coming soon” videos in the season tab.

There may be excuses, there may be workarounds, but OP has a valid criticism and request, while you … apparently have nothing to say. :thinking:


CF have already released videos as previously mentioned, so in reality you’re waiting for PG to release videos, not CF. I was offering an alternate solution. :woman_shrugging:t3:

If people need to be spoon fed information I can see how it’s a problem, but it’s not hard to type “war dragons videos” into google. :crazy_face:

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Yes any idiot can do that.

But to have knowledge before the release of the seasonal dragons by a week makes a difference on what you want to get, and how you’ll play the season.

Why do you feel the need to belittle? It’s really weird. Great contribution.

Yes, I think people can reasonably expect some modicum of information about a mobile game’s premium content to be available in-game.


The content is out there. Videos started going out the Saturday before the season started.

I totally agree. And there’s a ton of it out there. Start here: Current Creators Faction Members and Their Channels


Great! Where are these links in game? Oh that’s right, they’re not.

Is this game actually a giant social experiment on normalizing :poop: practices? :thinking::joy:


It’s like pulling teeth to get a in game announcement :man_shrugging:
Been yelling this for years because there’s no bridge for communication to bring it in game and players have to rely on those who do wade through the forums and other media sources to get information that should have been made available in game! :man_shrugging:


I do agree that it would be nice to see something from PG about it. While I appreciate the fact that CF members are able to post their thoughts, which have always been helpful and valid, it is hard to keep track of the seeming constant shift of who is active and posting in CF. I don’t really follow many people in it, and I don’t know who more are. The few that I do know, I trust, minus a couple that I classify as trash.

That said, I actually went to look at the preview video in game to see the dragon and all I got was a nice big WaR dRaGoNs logo. I use YouTube as any base of checking in. I do not have an Instagram, nor do I want one. While I appreciate you posting the link to current CF and their channels, I will not click on it. I must be spoon fed with bribery of airplanes.

To be completely honest, while CF content is valid and credible, it is not PG content. If they don’t come out with content on their own product, it seems as though they don’t care about the product. If they don’t care about the product, why should we?


Thanks for the links, much appreciated.

Still would be nice if PG had done their job, and gave the usual 1 week peek of the dragons on twitch.

At the moment I have no idea what I’m going for this season, apart from the base boost.

Looks like I’m going to have to rely on the forums to see what is good, so many different oppinons to wade through.

This is going to be a fun season🙄

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Discount resources are always worth it, whether you like the dragon or not.