Where's the Loot?

RSS isn’t showing up on any raids for anybody on my team or league.
Not sure if it’s super lag, but what’s the plan if they all come in at once and it overflows storage?



Same here. so annoying

Same here, not able to transfer any resources as well.


Same here. Yippee. :t_rex:

So frustrating. Do you understand QA at all?

Another successful event lunch​:joy::joy:

Same here :roll_eyes: dewey


@PGJared can u do something ? No loot, no transfert of rss… what is happening ?

@PGJared I am so sick of updates before every event which leads to all kinds of chaos. No RSS as a result of this well planned release. What the heck is going on and how are we going to be compensated?

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I have a food mission and can’t fulfil it! I want my rss.

I can’t load the event page either. Spinning circle of death and STILL no rss comihg in. :t_rex:

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Same issue here, and throughout my team. Half a dozen successful raids or more per person on players with significant amounts of unprotected resources, and none of us received any resources.


So Wood Rush is more like Wood Bust this time…

On the plus side nobody stole the 1M wood I had in storage while I rebooted my game 5 times. :rofl:

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I am going to attribute the lack of resources to the new event page layout. Well done pg team. Well done.


The quests don’t work too. It’s still stuck at 0

Uugghhh, it’s very annoying especially we I make my schedule to work around the starting of this event.

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Oh it’s very believable, as soon as you see Pocket Gems, Inc as the developer