Which branch is better between Namaka and Meglok

I just wanted to know which of the two mythic branches I should go for, cause I think that they are both equally powerful, but of course I’m a “young” player and you can suggest me better than I can do by myself.

Thank you!

The good thing with this season structure is that you don’t have to make an immediate decision.

Spend the next 12 weeks reading about the dragons and reviews on them, then make your decision in the last week before they are gone :slight_smile:


If it’s branch wise the only difference is the dragon and the runes. There are no differences apart from that.

Essentially pick the dragon you like the best

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And also take advantage of testing out the invoker out this week and the week after next to help with your choice?


namaka is crazy powerful. better than meglok. but they will nerf him i bet just like surt

I doubt it.

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It is worth noting that:

A) The DPS of the shrine Namaka is far higher than the AP suggests

B) This was an expert Namaka (i.e. balanced for a level of towers that does not exist yet)

C) The base was undefended

That said, if the DPS of the released Namaka is similar to that of the shrine Namaka, it really will need a nerf. My shrine Namaka isn’t maxed (therefore supposedly balanced for my level), and has a DPS significantly higher than my Pathox, Surt, or Ronin would have with maxed-out Elite gear.

What happened last season?

I think the main takeaways:

  • no nerfing or changing of any dragon after release
  • no changing of season structure or surprise branches
  • no key was given for the festive which reflected what was originally communicated.

I think it provided a well communicated message and firm belief in dragons and seasons.


Last season was spring season. Ronin and the Sorc I’m forgetting were the mythics of that season. They were untouched (barring wotb delay bug).

They found a bug in spell flux’s coding and fixed in, since the focus of the year has been bug bashing. However, flux going through shields was such a feature at this point* and many of the drags that have flux depend on it going through shields, they reimplemented this bug.

Yes, he means that (see first quote).

You mean the abyssal tier powered Namaka (made for 90 level towers) go against a base that’s not designed for Namaka, with 80 towers to boot? Yea, I’ve seen a few. Several of them almost died on 7.

Surt was (and is) and abomination and breach of players (including and especially gpf’s) trust. I hope they don’t pull anything like that again. But blindly saying that every dragon who looks relatively good is going to be nerfed is a bit much.

Surt was able to solo max level bases with 3 defenders at obsidian/harb.
If you see a dragon doing that, then by all means, call a nerf :+1:t3:


:scream: It was Zenko!

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IMO there’s no question here at all🤔
All of us are going for the new kind of dragon (Invoker)!
It’s the new thing, and it’s worth getting (even if the warrior proves to be more powerful)! :wink:
I hope next season, PG will release 2 invoker mythics, comparison then would be leveled (on basis of attributes)

:expressionless: Please no.


One thing I learned from last season was that if both seem fantastic but only one proves to be fantastic, go for the proven drag.

If few get Meglok and you don’t know him one way or another, and Namaka is shown to be badass because many will try the new class…well, get Namaka.

Don’t invest in unknowns with PG.

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Which one was the best last season? :rofl:

So I didn’t understand… everyone will take Namaka because she seems awesome but she won’t be so this powerful after this season and nobody will take Meglok, which is the actual best dragon this season?

I am just curious, I will see if they release some charts or I-dunno-what about their actual attack, health and spells and so on…

Last season the GPF generally said that both mythics were fantastic. Ronin was proven to be fantastic with community vids. Hardly anyone got Zenko, very few vids, so I took the risk.

Is he a good dragon? Yes. Fantastic in certain situations? Yes. As fantastic as Ronin? Absolutely not, his CD’s are too long to make him a dependable lead. I would never use him in war or Atlas.

That :point_up:t3: was hard to see from GPF recommendations and looking at spells alone. He’s great on paper. Had to actually fly him - for awhile - to realize his deficiencies.

I’m saying the same may happen with Meglok or any future mythics. If the vids are out there to prove a dragon is dependable consistently and in any situation, and the other dragon seems as good but there’s no proof: go for the proof.

Edit: this is a compliment to PG. They’re designing their mythics well enough recently that the devil can only be found in the details of continual flying.


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