Which drag is discount next season?

Any bets, hunches or insights? I’m into Pathox line with pleeeenty rubies to spare and 3 events to go, so I’m debating whether to still go all out to also get Prospero …
…if next season’s discount will be hunter maybe I should tone it down and save for that?

Did you send any sigils? Also depends on your playstyle

You should have asked this yesterday as this morning I accidentally dropped my crystal ball… So I can’t tell! :joy:


Seriously, WTF are you saying here?

Which dragon is discounted will not be influenced by playstyle in the slightest… And who would he/she send sigils to (and how, for that matter)?


My fault I was asking did you spend any sigils and the playstyle depends on the preference of dragon class

My advice would be to save a stockpile for the discount on next season. Worst case is that you get half price prizes, best case is that you get a cool dragon as well.


Based solely on past precedent: Winter 2017 discount was Leos (warrior); Spring 2018 discount was Aibrean (Hunter); Summer 2018 discount was Coatl (Sorcerer); Fall 2018 discount was Cavaleris (warrior).

Conclusion (based entirely on past precedent): Hunter will be discounted.

Unless PG changes things. So there’s that.


Survey says… Discount will be whatever PG decides it will be and more likely than not something players don’t want!


I am dying to get my hands on a discount sorcerer, you know :wink:

Even if it seems like it should be a hunter (which I agree 100% by historical data) strongly consider that even if it’s a hunter it could have a TERRIBLE spell set. Prospero seems to have a pretty good spell set… I’ve been burnt in the past planning ahead on PG and hoping for the best.


As others have said, it should be a hunter, but it could be a bad one, or PG could decide to change from previous behavior. No one really knows. If you wait about two weeks you will probably find out on the live stream previews.

Chunk, Chunk will be the discounted dragon next season. But it’ll be a hunter version dressed in a polarbear suit :chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk:


Let’s hope it’s a good hunter. All those ones you mentioned only the hunter was really good. Leo’s was okay. Most of time discount dragons are not that great

I found Leos to be great for low-mid level (got him on my alt). Necryx (discount in Fall 2017) was outstanding. Aibrean is considered decent as well, as is Cavaleris.

Really, the only one that was just flat horrible was Coatl.

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I’m dying laughing at that name

Coatl and caveleris and Leo’s only good for low levels

Abraxxas is deeply offended by this. How dare you try to take his title of biggest trainwreck away. He is still the garbage champion


Those two don’t deserve to be in the same sentence as Cav…he is far better than either. He’s viable into Garnet which can’t be said for most divine warriors

not sure what you mean by that!
because discount is usually only two weeks which means it is about SPENDING not saving
if you are talking about sigils - can´t save em
if you are talking about gold chests - saving last two events for that is a little short

Overall it doesn´t matter… if you achieved what you wanted this season be happy about it and carry as many things over (rubies, gold chests) as you can.

I personally don´t decide anything before knowing which dragon will be discounted and to which mythic it will lead.

The original question was about whether to spend rubies now or save them for next season.