Which event is next

Does anyone know which event is next after the fortification one?

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Fight Pits.

(Assuming the pattern doesn’t change.)


Fight Pits I think?

I think Jalen has been taking care of announcing them, so you should see a new thread about it in a couple of days once it’s confirmed.


My guess is not Pits because too many resources for two back to back endless rounds so … either Gauntlet or Temple raid

CF will officially announce next event on Monday at their usual time.


There is a (relative) pattern. Your assumption is flat out based on opinion, instead of the pattern that we have had in the past.
Also, cc is very cheap depending on how you play.


Oh well sometimes the facts are wrong to so I’m not letting other opinions say it is fight pits just wait 3 days from now and the event shall be decided

What? How can facts be wrong?


I believe the cadence is as follows:

Temple Raid, Team Gauntlet, Fight Pits, Crystal Caves (it’s the other way around: CC, FP, TG, TR)

Following this, next will be Fight Pits, as stated by everyone else. However, with things able to change at any unexpected moment, it’s always best to wait until we get confirmation.


I forgot Kingdom Wars was gone for a moment and thought 5 events were present but I thought that couldn’t be right

Crystal Caves replaced Kingdom Wars. Kingdom Wars no longer runs.


I’m not good at predicting the cycles but I thought it would be unusual to have another extreme cost event next after Crystal cave because Pits is as expensive on resources as Crystal Caves

Did you mean to write this backwards? I haven’t seen anyone do that, is that conventional?


No, but I guess it’s the same thing the other way around.

Well it happened last time and I doubt PG magically created a new event.

This is merely a matter of opinion. That has also been debunked multiple times.

There are things known as alternative facts.

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Because in order (how the events come in the future), the cadence goes as following:

Crystal Caves, Fight Pits, Team Gauntlet, Temple Raid

(Since last rotation of CC at least)


Yes, you’re right, if Fight Pits is what’s next. We will just have to see when it’s confirmed.

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Crystal Caverns is an extreme cost event? Not for me. Just log every round, spend 14 ep for 200 energy. Then wisely use your 10-10x runs. 22k x 25 rounds = 550k points.

I reached the 30th prize barely using any if, a few hundred ep, and left with over 2.6k bronze chests.

But I do have 10 offensive riders with lvl 10 legendary and/or mythic gear. And 10 dragons with over 13b ap. Which makes the event easy.

Still have 4K if and 3k ep for the last 6 PvP events of the season. And one will probably be another Crystal Caverns which will barely cost me any rss.


Not quite, it goes like:

Crystal Caves, Pits, Gauntlet, TR

But since you’ve written it backwards, if you try to start at any point in the cycle sequentially, it doesn’t work the same way

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