Which farms are you using to xp?

I need a new farm :frowning:



I am using invader

If they had atlas, they wouldn’t need a new farm.


sarcasm is a great thing.

My sarcasm detection meter must be broken. Probably because it’s Monday.

If it’s the zombie apocalypse, I’m commissioning a spider militia early warning network.

i would rather not use the spiders in the making of a militia. Have you seen 8 legged freaks?

You sir are crazy.

It’s the apocalypse— no holds barred!

How did this go from xp to zombie apocalypses and spiders? Lol

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I need a new one too, all the high level XP bases are being banned or have gone inactive and can’t be attacked. Whatthefox and saalang are both unavailable now.

Try Andy then.
Guaranteed max exp until your level is far too high.
If current Andy can no longer give you capped exp, you can make most undefended bases into xp base…


Like allot of players in the low 200’s Andy can be problematic. If your unlucky all the lighting towers will do chain lightening and kill the second dragon after it destroys the first tower.

This? Or use Hau as the killer…

Depends on if I have a follower or not, I use Apophet as my follower when I’m running it solo. I can destroy the whole first island using Apophet, anyone who follows has ember or enki at best. If they don’t use a invincibility boost its about a 50/50 shot whether I get max xp for Andy.

Way more interesting of a topic…

Well. So much for trying to help. :frowning:

I still use freexp280

Edit. Wrong one. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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That has nothing to do with luck. It’s the supershot, and it gets triggered by the lead if they don’t swap right away. It’s 100% avoidable.

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