Which flak tower is best?

I want to know what flak is best. Dark, fire, or ice?

  • Dark Flak
  • Fire Flak
  • Ice Flak

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Depends on the situation…

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For higher level, yes.
For low level (up to 100, or more), Dark Flak is the most reliable among the three.

Each has their own nitch. Fire Flak is clearly not the best Flak to stun a dragon. Dark Flak is clearly not the best Flak to put toward the back of an island. You would never ask, “which is better, a Mage or a Storm tower.”

Define the role you need to fill, then the best tower can be delineated.


If you are asking which Flak tower would be the best because you can only afford enough embers for 1, i’d suggest using it for a dark flak tower for damage output and utilize it on your islands in such a manner to make it as effective as possible.


No, I have a dark flak on a kill island and am building another kill island and want to know which type of flak I should build

Unless you are level 300+ (not sure what level you are) i’d honestly stick to leveling up as few towers as you can, and leveling up towers to put on 2 small islands is probably the worst idea i’ve seen in a long time.

Stick to leveling up your current towers and save your embers for leveling your current flak, don’t expand your base to 20 towers (as your text suggests, 1 small island, 1 middle long, 1 small).

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No I’m not adding an extra island, that would be stupid I’m changing a not very well planned island to a kill island by moving towers

Then you should really post a picture of your current island and towers so we could make an accurate recommendation.

I’m horrid at taking pictures but ignore currently looks like this
Red mage blue mage
Cannon(where flak would go) fire turret

Flak should be at the front corner that the dragon first sees as he’s turning. And I would recommend an ice turret instead of fire turret

Pictures for discussion below, my mini is right around the same level so should be an OK comparison.

  • I’d recommend you build towers UP and not OUT. Don’t build another “kill island”, your current kill island isn’t good in the first place. It needs max level towers to even be considered decent and for you to try and optimize towers

  • At level 56 i’m moving mine out to the middle long island only. 10 towers. With a rage drain in front. 10 towers, not the 21 that you have shown plus another small island of towers in front of it.

Again just my experienced recommendation, especially since i’ve given a basic rundown on exactly how to build a decent base in my base building guide

As others have said, it depends. They all serve very different purposes. You can have a ton of dark flak towers, and if a dragon with dark flak resist attacks you, you will be in trouble.

Yes, DF has the most potential for damage, but it is not universally the best flak because of this.

FF does less damage, but the super shot reduces the damage of the dragon for a time. This is very valuable, as all your towers will love longer… Hopefully “enough longer” to get off one more shot.

IF also does less damage, but with the slightly longer range on the regular shot and the silence capability of the super shot, this make the dragon vulnerable to the powerful DF attack and super shot.

It’s far less about a best tower and more about strategic tower arrangements. But the SS range on the IF is the same as for the FF. For this reason, if you use a drain island. I like to have the IF on the front row of the drain island and also have another on the front row of the kill island. I like to have an IF on a drain island because there are spells that make defeating a drain island pretty easy. Silence the dragon, and now your drain island is that much more effective.

If you opt to have mage towers throughout the base, be sure you are keeping the mage towers capped so they take as long as possible to kill. Rage is so important that mage towers are often targeted first. And every moment damage is going to a Mage tower is a moment it is not going to your damage towers.

Back to towers living longer… Storm shield is literally invincible for as long as it is up, and the Ice Turret shield absorbs a set amount of damage before falling, even if the Ice Turret is destroyed. This is a powerful combination that helps all your towers live longer, and lets your defenders have more time to drop hammers.

So, I guess I would ask, what tower are you wanting to replace?

It all depends upon your situation and your needs.

Ah… Replacing a cannon… Then imo, if you want to keep the shield breaking ability. The IF is a good choice.

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I personally prefer A dark fire and storm tower together The fire kills the dragons attack power and makes it harder for the dragon to kill the storm tower that is protecting everything and has a better chance of surviving so all three can kill the dragon

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