Which is best rider?

Friends need ur help , who is best rider to go with , kyla or tor ?

Head on over to the Tor thread to see a comparison. Depends what you want.

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Kyla is good for xp gain and tor has good atk and health boost know ?

Assuming you’re not getting the armor, would you rather have 11.6% xp boost and lightning resist boost or +3% atk +2% hp and ice turret resist boost?

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I didn’t hv kyla :man_facepalming:

If you do not have elite, I strongly suggest getting Kayla! Your higher tier dragons can be a real pain in the butt to train (they take massive amounts of xp). I am so not looking forward to trying to train them on my alt account. But fortunately, I have Kayla! Every little bit of xp counts especially since I’m trying to get 2 green legendairies breedable on that account.

Edit: And since you can keep moving Kayla between your dragons for free (as long as you’re willing to wait an hour), you’ll always be able to keep training your newest babies :blush:


Sure …

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