Which is the best type of dragon to put on Perch?

Hunter, Soc or warrior ?
with extra superboost llike APo, Hau and Mehaten ?

Mehaten… because he sucks


Depends on what towers you are supporting. A mystic warrior with farms and mills is an excellent combo to help keep a base alive during wars.


Mythic :+1: you would have more power


I like warriors. There’s no gaurantee that a supershot goes off. But I have no evidence to back it up with anything. I would love to see if anyone has done any actual research on the topic.

Dude, thanks for this. I’ve been looking for this. :+1:

Edit: What is tower ward?

A shield I believe not sure :roll_eyes:


Thank you :blush::point_up_2::+1:


In this I go for supershot boost because even after the perch is taken down that remaining towers still will operate this supershot.]
Anyone have other opinion ?

On my perch I got corth… before it was ryo. corth is too expensive to up :joy::sleepy:

Good ideas but let me max Corth first and put it on the Perch. The other 2 perch reserving for upcoming Mystic Huitzil and Neptus (not sure how to use tidal surge incase LOL).
Then nobody can solo my base and I can have good sleep.:joy::joy::joy:

With the current glitch, sorc is best as there’s a chance you get the crazy supershot spam on your farms.

you have two active perch :roll_eyes:
I am 339 and I have one active …
You must have a big lvl

not to mention how funny it is to get the stun shot from dark flak repeatively

Yup ! supershot is the best therefore sorceror is the good selection to be on perch.

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