Which leagues usually have Atlas?

I have a team that switches from Platinum 4 to Gold 1 every once and a while and I still don’t see Atlas… is Atlas shown higher up in platinum rank or higher than platinum?

Only specific teams have atlas access. Some of those are in platinum, though rarely as low as platinum 4. But if your team doesn’t have atlas, it won’t get it either unless you can reach Sapphire league and stay there for a while.

Have we really lost enough Atlas teams that it’s rare in p4? That surprises me, though it does feel like there are a bunch in gold 1 & 2.


p4 teams with atlas rare? Think you need to open your eyes buddy.


I think i’d be expected to have more teams dropping to Gold with Atlas and conversely a number of teams that were in Gold and missed the roll out moving up to Platinum, that’s how team attrition works and is one of the issues with a legacy system.


So there aren’t a lot in the platinum ranks

I don’t know if that’s a question or a statement. There are 1200ish Atlas teams, and I would expect them teams to be the majority in all levels of platinum and a sizeable minority in gold 1, but Morreion, who said Atlas is rare in P4, knows more than I about many things and may be correct.

If you want Atlas, sadly you need to look for a new team. Ask them if they have atlas and how they approach it. There are also lists of atlas teams floating around.

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It’s a question btw, and yea I’ll ask them about atlas but I do really like my team so I might stay.

Atlas is a huge boon. It helps you get better riders, allows you to get the best gear, plus all the bonus egg tokens and timers. (and an XP base that grows with you)

When comparing the two, your progress is definitely hampered if you don’t have it.

if you want to advance in the game u realy need atlas for you and your team so the best way to do that is to take over an atlas team or merge with it.

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