Which of the two hunters is better?

  • Avyx
  • Aibrean

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Is there enough people with a obsidian plus aibrean to make that assessment just yet ?

  • As a lead or follow? (Or, generally, what would you be using them for?)
  • Are you comparing them at similar requirement levels?

Word. :upside_down_face:

A bit early for a pole don’t u think?


Never. Always the right time for a POLE.


I don’t feel like I can vote for this because I only have the new hunter on my alt and he’s lvl 1 there. And he won’t reach a high enough level to unlock flash for a long time :woman_shrugging:

I have Aibrean at Obsidian just evolved and should max him at obaidian in a couple of days (food shortage and all, lol). Have only been running him on my invader base and he wrecks it pretty well.

Will see in a few days how he does on a few real bases, will record and post to give you an idea.

Im leaning towards liking him better than Avyx who i currently almost have him experted.


Comparing if both of them are at the same level without any boosts, runes, or glyphs on them.

Avyx is better as a lead…Aibrean is better as a follow.

It all depends on the player flying them, Runes, research, boosts, tier and base attacked. No one can just say one is “better.”


I don’t have avyx but if I compare (without runes):
SRH vs HM: the first is a bit less powerful and has Coll down but gives 1 rage after using.
Talon Vs Chaos: talon takes one rage less but you get that extra one from SHR.
Flash Vs cloak: cloak makes you immune to all attacks but flash allows to fire and dodges killer flaks.
Resist on avyx is better, if aibrean had ice turret resist he would be OP.
Major difference imo is aibrean has more rage available and if you fly him without rushing you can strategically place 2 SHR on short islands and 3 on long. In a good base setup I can only imagine if they fall, avyx would fall faster.

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Also chaos does more damage. When chaos runes are fixed this could hit 300%

At Harbinger and with working runes, Aibrean is obviously superior.
The question is, will the runes be fixed before the majority of Aibrean-owners got him to Harbinger Tier :joy:


Thanks, forgot to add that!

Wrong, flash dodges flaks but not beam based attacks

Flash dodges all flaks. This has been confirmed. I’ve flown it myself and tanked many flak shots that would kill me without it.

Right now all it doesn’t dodge is fire turrets super, ice turrets and storm

As others have said, flash can dodge flaks and flak supershots.

I have dodged flak with flash while flying Aibrean, so yes, it can.

Flash does dodge Flaks, tested this already and I’m sure many others have.

i have fly Aib few times and I noticed that the flash spell dodges the fire turret SS but the note said No…
very weird