Which of these runes to use on noctua

I just got noctua, and I have the mythic pride rune, the legendary rage rune and the legendary pride rune, I can only use 2 of these runes on noctua, so which 2 would you guys recommended I should use?

Rage of course.

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Possible runes are:

Short version is rage is the only thing worth added long term. If you have extra slots lightning resist is better than nothing but not Better than more rage.

Lightning resist

Cloak is a waste since the default duration can easily keep you cloaked longer than necessary.

Lightning resist is okay if you have nothing better to use in a slot, but it’s really a low increase and probably not worth it

Rage works on everything. Especially dragons who depend on casting spells repeatedly.

Wisdom is fine but worthless once you get the dragon to export. Sometimes they have a secondary skill of rage.

Pride should work great, but personally I’d save it for a future seasonal or maybe Rhyo.

Edit: added pride as I forgot about it as it’s sort of a
Custom rune that can be used universally

Since most people ignored the options, lol:

Mythic Pride rune would be a waste due to the dark flak resist secondary
Legendary Rage - solid pick
Legendary Pride - I haven’t used this rune, so I cannot see how useful it would be on a dragon.

Do you not have any other rage runes (remembering you can use two legendary rage runes if they have different secondary abilities)?

I don’t have any more rage runes or glyphs to use at this time

Not even common, rare or epic?

I always trade up. You may need to leave it blank until you can get something that fits.

No don’t have any at all at this time

If noctua does not have ice turret resist or cannon resist , why do you put those runes and glyphs on him , it would not work? Doesn’t the dragon have to have that ability in order for the runes to work?


Dunno re the ice turret - probably a mistake :man_shrugging:

But cannon resist can be equipped as a spell so then the rune will be useful. It’s secondary is also invincibility shield which is also an equippable spell

he wasted all the extra slots for useless runes/glyph

It does boost the AP though - make you feel better about your dragon (even if it does nothing!) :joy: :rofl:

Probably have a few drinks that night :joy: however it has a secondary ability that I can equip spell to

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Question should I use a mythic wisdom glyph that I have on noctua or use it in another dragon?

Question: is Noctua the best Obsidian out there right now?

There’s your answer.

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