Which one...Quetz or Kaiju

which one do u prefer…i like kaiju…quetz is so ******* ugly :unamused:

Which ever one is on the correct breeding path…


Quertz all the way. He was way better back almost 2 years ago lol or like a year and a half ago.

wow so quetz is better than kaiju? :open_mouth:

if your question is which one should you get, like red said, follow a breeding path. If you are asking which one is better in general, i think they r both meh, but kaiju does have a great look to it compared to other plat drags, I remember when I got him I was surprised with the details in his wings.

Honesty Quetz is a beautiful dragon. His nickname is Parrot for me. And Kulan is Pastel Parrot :grin:

I like these nicknames :smiley:


Quetz would’ve been OP if they didnt release the ice turret alongside him

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quetz for breeding purpose xD

This is exceptionally inaccurate advice. Quetz is the only legendary Plat that can be back bred cheaply. I would never recommend people get Quetz for full price as General advice.


Not in Icicle 4😭

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