Which rune for my short kill

I have a short base currently with mythic FF rune. I also have a mythic DF rune and legendary FF rune.
Trying to decide what I should equip as second rune… any help

It would help us if you also included a screenshot of what legendary and mythic runes you have available.

For your current set up, runes or glyphs that would be great are those that increase the attack speed of your Dark and Fire Flaks.

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Exotic :sunglasses:
As DF’s HP is higher, DF rune helps more. But FF one is useful too.


That too

Man, I wish I had one of those myself :pleading_face:


Sorry here is attached

It’s generally better to go for runes that boost HP (you want your towers to survive as long as possible) but, looking at your runes, I would simply go for both mythics since they give the highest bonus