Which seasonal Atlas rider to get?

I’ve finally scraped enough blue shards to hire one seasonal atlas rider. I’ve found glory hunting to be a pain in the neck, so I honestly don’t anticipate getting another (if any) in the near future. Thus, I want to be sure I won’t have any regrets about picking a rider.

I currently have these completed seasonal riders:
Offensive: Oksana, Astrid, Reginald
Defensive: Bjord, Tanok
Most-used dragons: Dreth, Gunnar, Haku, Hyaku

Some observations:
As a F2P sub-150 my base is gonna get stomped on for a long time.
Atlas riders are generally not generic riders like seasonal riders.
Offensive riders will provide immediate impact.

I’ve read that Crom stat-wise is the best def rider, but I’m more inclined to get an offensive rider (of which Anja seems to be really good). Can anyone help with input/suggestions/advice?

Crom is indeed a very good defensive rider. You’re also correct that as a sub-150 even the most optimized base will still get stomped a lot.

For offensive, Anja is currently the strongest atlas rider (and probably the strongest rider in general for hunters and warriors).

You can use https://wd.neon-wonderland.com/rider if you want to do some more number comparing yourself.


The one case in which I wouldn’t get Anja is if your main attacker were an invoker. She should be great for the attackers you list, and because she has enough skill points to get two of the three (sorcerer, hunter, warrior) branches, she can even move around a bit. The sorc branch benefits almost any dragon (except fafnyr) because the rage is good for all, not just sorcs.

Anja. There’ll be a better defensive rider next season I’ll bet.

Thanks for the replies! I did review the rider stats at wd.neonwonderland prior to posting, did help me to narrow my choices but all the different ways to skill the riders was still confusing.

What seasonal Atlas rider would you recommend for an invoker? I’m thinking about getting Morak.

None of them, all the atlas riders have class specific bonuses for hunter/sorcerer/warrior.

You’ll note that all the riders listed here are season riders:

Your Reginald is a strong choice for invokers. Both Astrid and Oksana work as well but for Morak you really want the rage from Reginald too.

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Thanks, I see that henfon was referring to Anja [+other Atlas riders].

I dug a little deeper into the numbers to see why Anja was so good. For those who are inherently lazy like me, the difference between Sophia, Anja, and the rest of the seasonal riders are:

  • Malus, Swann, and Kevana have 130 skill points. Sophia and Anja have 190. This enables them to choose 2 out of the 3 end branch lines to complete.
  • Sophia gets +1% generic HP compared to the rest.
  • Anja gets +2% generic HP compared to the rest.
  • Anja gets +11% hunter attack/sorc HP/warrior HP compared to Sophia who gets +10% hunter attack/sorc HP/warrior HP.

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